Sense of humour

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Desborough, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. [align=center]Hello all, 8)

    Im wondering why is a good sense of humour vital.......

    Also confidence wise.....after getting to know the section your in surely the confidence rises die to everyone knowing everyone....cos even if you dont like somone you have to deal with it right.....i mean u have to spend weeks with them....... I havnt joined yet but im going to the ACO tommorow.[/align]
  2. I so wish that you'd posted this in NAAFI....

    I'll tell you tomorrow night.
  3. Why is it vital?

    Well it's stop the final solution of sucking on the muzel turning into the only solution in 99.9% of cases...

  4. To deal with pr1cks like you
  5. ..... and that's why a sense of humour is vital....
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    Quality, hopefully they're reading this and fcuk you off!
  7. Well look whos back MR ACAB got nothign good to say to anybody....well you can tell you pack the chocolate tight!
  8. Yawn;
    A sense of humor will help you through the harder times. It's also a life thing, not just an Army thing IMO..
    It makes sense surely, if you can't make a laugh and a joke about the times that make you feel like sh!t, then you only going to get upset/down about it all. So you'll fail, no will to continue.
    But if you can pick your self off the floor and fall back down laughing about the experience then your going to carry on aren't you?
    Like I said, thats just my opinion on why it's important to have a sense of humor, *one other thing, people prefer to be around "funny" people. ;)
  9. ACAB has an O2 thief tag (Look where his medals are) that usually means that the MODs think he is a throbber. The O2 tag is to tell everyone not to bother answering his posts.
  10. Ahh well then thanks for the help guys greatly appreciated didnt know what the medalsmeant so thanks for theheads up stacker1
  11. Look if you cant figure out your question, then you have no chance in passing the entrance test.
  12. At what point are we issued a sense of humour from the QM? I never received mine. Is it possible to get a replacement the SM at my unit seems to have broken his a long time ago.