Sennybridge training area

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by medic-matt, May 2, 2011.

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  1. I'm struggling to find a post code that will direct me to Sennybridge training area. I'll be shooting on the IBSR range (' G range').

    Anyone able to supply a post code that will at least get me fairly close?
    If anyone from the FCSA is shooting on the 14th May, see you there!

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Just follow the rain clouds!
  4. Sennybridge camp is LD3 8BH
  5. LD3 8PN will get you to HQ DTE Sennybridge.
  6. The only problem there is the fact that G range is f@cking miles from Sennebridge, it's in GR 8941 about 10Ks away
  7. Thank-you gents, much appreciated.
  8. The nearest Postal code is the village of Tirabad LD4 4DS

    Which way are you coming from?
  9. Use this link:
    UK Grid Reference Finder

    Pop the full grid reference, or just zoom into the right area.
    Right click for a list of grid reference, OS X/Y and latitude/longitude , then click the information (i) logo and the next list will show the nearest postcode.

    With a location such as the range out there if using a sat nav you may be best using the lat/long, but it is just under a mile as the crow flies from LD4 4DU.
    Bit of old fashioned map reading should sort it

    Decimal lat / lon 52.056442 , -3.612703
    Grid Reference SN 89523 41012
    X :289523 Y :241012
    Nearest Post Code LD4 4DU

    PS If anyone is hanging around the FIBUA village and is thirsty and happens to look in the attic space of the building with the cemetary / cross outside they may find a few bottles of water left behind recently.
  10. I'll be in Cardiff the night before, so will travel from there.
  11. H3

    H3 LE

    Sennybridge G Range - Google Maps

    Click on the link above then click on the purple -ish Icon for G range - look for "Directions " in the box that appears mid frame then enter your start point in "A" and ...... bingo directions for you to print out !

    Don't get lost will ya :0)

  12. Do you want to go out for a pint then??????

    A 470 North
    over the Brecon Beacons pass Storey Arms
    Just short of Libanus turn Left onto A4216 to Defynnog
    At Defynnog turn right onto A4067
    1km turn sharp right onto A40(T)
    drive through Sennebridge and on through Trecastle
    1 Km from Trecastle at the old petrol station/motel turn right onto ranges and follow signs for Tirabad/Llanwrtyd Wells it's about 11kms, G range is just off the road on the right at grid 893 408
  13. I'd go along with that.
  14. What's wrong with just reading a map FFS? Surely you don't need a GPS to go to the ranges?
    Or am I just showing my age?

    Yoof of today...don't know when they're born...can't read a map...

    Rodney 2q
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  15. Buy a f##king map young man.
    Post code for G range is SH3 3P