Sennybridge officially coldest place in Wales

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by usmarox, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. More disruption in Wales after coldest night of winter

    Of course, anyone on here could have told the BBC that, but it's nice to see the place finally getting the recognition it a cold, wet, festering sh1thole in the back of beyond.
  2. -21 oop north
  3. Sennybridge is always cold!!LOL
  4. We were on exercise on Sennybridge once and it was winter. The night was very cold luckily we came across a toilet block that was not locked down. WE all got in and got our admin squared away then by lighting hexxy burners we managed to get the place a bit warmer. Got our heads down for the night. Next day we tabbed out through the snow to our next RV. We were told the excercise was cancelled and everyone else had been basically taken off the training area due to the cold weather rules. One of the coldest places I have had to get across. Only place that beat it really was Gairloch Head in Scotland in January.
  5. -22 here in Norway, but guess what? Everything and everyone is working, the roads are clear, and no bleating on the box.
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  6. Garelochead is cold but its the rain that really makes it!Never seen up hill rain till I went to Scotland! Sat on the bridge of an O boat in Faslane trying to keep warm for my two hours on trot and failing badly! It was the early hours,I had my 8s on,blue wolley pully,submarine jersey,pussers watchkeeping coat,pussers socks steaming bats and a beret,all topped off with a 9mm browning as the base was at Bikini Red. Oh happy days!
  7. I remember one year SAS selection getting brought of the hills at Sennybridge mid afternoon because of weather. Royal Signals Sgt's course was still up there after 8 at night before anyone made a decision to bring them down. :oops:

    That -15 figure was probably recorded in the NAAFI
  8. Edited, 'cos I still have not got the hang of some of the intricacies of this site. :(
  9. same here in Alberta. -24. This week and, guess what, business as usual. Though it's +6 today which is redders by local standards for this time of year.
  10. A group of my friends spent the last few days camping at Cynghordy, mind you they are sleeping in some pretty shite hot camper vans and not tents, had a great camp fire the other night, nicked a few logs from the Forrestry Commision
  11. -17 in Bergen, and only a few insignificant problems with some new builds. Rarely see a road gritter or plough. All fishheads laughing at the UK.

    Sennybridge is not the coldest place in Wales, that is reseved for a Welsh womans heart.

  12. Have those kids from B'bourne got off the area yet?
    Range Control "Gonna be very bad weather i wouldn't go out"
    Troopy "Lets play Soldiers, toodle pip"

    Last heard snowed in on Weds and no Vehs could get out to them safely. From my experience, SENTA has a system all of its own normally, this past few weeks must have been a bit tasty
  13. Aye,but the "girl's" are the warmest and most welcoming.......
  14. On a survival exercise near Garelochhead 1992 it went from scorching sunshine to blizzard in under 24 hours. We got pulled off the hills after 2 days because some civvy hillwalkers had died of exposure.
  15. Health & Safety gone mad that is, what have we come to eh? 8O