Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by rudi, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. hubby just got 3 weeks of training left hes transfered to RAVC from 1RRF we will be going to Sennelager , no kids 1 dog and 100000 bits of fishing kit lol anyone know what housing is like there?? cant find out anything got a couple of places from a mate but dont know our chances of getting there . Is there an places to stay away from??? any info will help :soldier:
  2. Probably the worst Lager in the world.....................
  3. Seems theres a savage lack of housing in and around that area....waiting for allocation (unit in Paderborn), seems only thing available if any is Detmold!! 45 min drive..double boo! :x
  4. Paderborn is great on the lash.
  5. Well when I moved out in Dec there were 4 dog handlers living in my block of 6 flats,
    quite a few of the blocks were the same too, they are walking distance to the camp, smallish row of shops & NAAFI max is about a 20 min walk.

    The size is quite good, they are 3 bedroom with a much larger living room than you get in UK, in fact my 3 bed flat had much more floor space than my current 3 bed house, and a cellar for storage.

    the rent isnt too bad, I was paying £170 ish per month + about £80 council tax replacement.

    it has the best pizza shop in the world (nico's grill) and for your hubby, a strip bar opposite camp
  6. thanks a lot we just found out its a flat in am heilandsfrieden???? at least its near camp even though would like a house we march in 12th april so anyone near there call for a brew
  7. we marched in and its 3rd floor , told the guy who marched us in that because of the stairs I would like a ground floor he said no way its for those with kids so i said thats well and good im in my 50s and im expected to climb these stairs 3 times a day just to walk my dog? and it means my mother in her 80s and my handicapped brother who is in a wheelchair cant visit me , he said property is not allocated to the needs of our family members , well 10 days later thanks to the powers that be my dog jumped off the balconey and we lost him he was 9 years old and to him it was just a wall!!! i couldnt catch him in time , he was never left there alone because of this reason , would like to get the git that put us here
  8. I used to live in Sennelager - years ago, firstly in Infanterie Weg and then moved to Ring Strasse about six months later, we'd asked for a house because we had two GSDs that needed a garden.

    There are a couple of lakes nearby - one that eveyone used to the south (Habichsee) as it had a sandy beach on the top end and another on the otherside of town that was alot quieter (Gusenhofsee) which is near the Autobahn junction Paderborn-Sennelager - so if he wants to go fishing I'd recommend that one, not sure where or if he needs a licence though.

    As for Nico's grill stube, fantastic - not the sort of thing I can eat now though, especially a nicos special, I think my ticker would pack up at the sight of it!