Sennelager - Whats it like ?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Mighty_Blighty, Sep 9, 2004.

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  1. Just been offered a job in Sennelager, and as I haven't been to that part of sausage land for about 10 years, I was just wondering if anyone gan give me any upto date info, on housing, facilities, drinking establishments etc..

    Only sensible info please , as I have to sell it to Mrs MB who 'aint keen at the 'mo :?
  2. The strip with it's porn shops, strip joints and evil beer bars has now gone (except for somewhere called Dingles or Dangles), and the area looks pretty good for it. Not the most exciting place in the world to live but no longer the horror story it was many years ago.
  3. I'll see you there in ten days time: time for another debauch in the Nato Mess :D
  4. Can't believe I forgot this on my original post, but whats the Golf course like these days, and how much is membership ?

    Got to get priorities right 8)
  5. Sennelager, once known as "Sennelager.... probably the worst lager in the world", is now a clean, and reasonably popular place to live. The sennelager golf course is well kept and popular with a 9 and a seperate 18 hole course, driving range, good club house and, very reasonable prices (so I am told, as I don't play the silly game).
    Also within reasonable driving distance is Paderborn (shopping for the missus), lakes with sailing and waterskiing, a parachute centre, stables (horse riding) and the NAAFI Max shopping centre (Shopping for the missus).

    In all, not as unpopular as it once was and 100% more popular than Hohne or Fally! 8O
  6. Is the Death trap Lester Model room still giving bouts of vertigo?
  7. Hah! Chickenpunk I will accompany you but only out of curiosity. If that nice young signaller from 20x is still dating one of the girls there I'll see about reduced price drinks.
  8. Most definitely a better lager than it once was. but then it all depends on what flicks your switches. Would agreee with all the comments about good golf, cleaned up strip, and deffo best Garrison posting left over there.

    Then again it is often the people that make the place. I "lived in" and the other singlies were very cliquey and not friendly, but in the space of 3 months, most went on tour or were posted, new blood in, and a different atmos. Goood luck selling it to the Frau.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    What an unpleasant flash back to that platz!
  10. You telling me Geordies bar the strip club and the porn shops are gone :?
    next you'll be telling me the Staffy arms and the church army canteen have gone 8O
  11. i think not the name is Tingle Tangles and full of skanks!
  12. Where Geordies bar once stood, there's now a supermarket. There are a load of ex pats who pay homage to the 'God of Geordie' outside it every other Sunday. Apparantly they intend to start a pilgramage for ex squaddies, bit like the catholics do with Lourdes, but there'll be no pond to dip in and your ailmants will still be ther when you get home.

    There's no porn shops (I don't think that there ever was, but I may be wrong here). The only thing on that line is the old 'Moulin Rouge' which is now a 'pole dancing' club (read brothel - which it always was)

    The 'Staffy Arms' is still there. Well, the sign is still outside. Every time I pass, the Red Shield looks shut.

    Sennelager has certainly cleaned up its act though.
  13. As I was stationed in "Senne" from 1969-1971 as an 18 year old I have fond memories of Geordies bar. As you walked in, straight ahead was the famous bar with Geordie, bald head, parked behind the bar always stone cold sober. His wife or girlfriend always by his side...we always called her "Muttie". he used to have two barmaids one called Giesler and the other Black Bess.
    The main form of entertainment was the table football without a glass top, playing doubles we won many glasses of lager. We used to grease the playing rods with an empty crisp packet which made the rods slide beautifully! At the back wall was the old juke box going flat out, when that wasn't playing everyone was singing their heads off from all the 60's music even to Irish rebel songs ( there was no conflict with Ireland in those days) Joe Leahy was a brilliant Irish singer/boxer also a great bloke too! Nearly every other night there was fights going on in Geordies bar with visiting regiments who came to Sennelager training ranges trying to see who's regimental mob was the best scrappers. You could be standing there having a drink or playing table football with bodies rolling all over the floor beating the living daylights out of each other and everyone standing there drinking listening to the juke box music and not batting an was just like the wild west most nights in there!
    After having a session which usually finished around 2 am it was nice to pop out and visit the brockwurst stall just outside of Geordies bar and wolf down some currywurst or "eine cutlet mit pomfrittes" get back to barracks and do a Hughie all over your pit... Ah, those were the days.
  14. Church Army is gone (sob!)
    Version I heard was that NAAFI got exclusive catering rights on-camp and they insisted it was closed as they couldn't take the competition.