Sennelager to Belfast

Here's hoping for some help.

Trying to travel to belfast from sennelager for the first time for my summer leave, but I want to take my car with me, as I'll be bringing stuff back with me that means it will be necessary.

I was wodnering if anyone could offer advice on the cheapest/easiest way to do so. If it gets too much I will resort to getting a flight.

The routes I have looked at, one a ferry from roscoff to cork was £550, and the easiest option.

The second was a ferry to england, and then another ferry to belfast. Also in the £550 area, but was an admin nightmare, and would mean a lot of driving, soaking up a lot of leave.

neither include fuel costs.

Just hoping somebody could share a pearl of wisdom on an easier/cheaper way?

Amsterdam -Newcastle (overnight) I just paid 221 quid for 3 people and car in Aug. 2 1/2 hrs on road to Amsterdam. 3hrs to Stranraer from Newcastle
Stranraer - Belfast
hope this helps
Mate after a quick look i can do the journey for about 200 quid
drive to calias (bout 4 hrs) upto birkenhead (bout 5 hrs) overnight ferry (8-10 hrs) home job done. Done it myself loads of times.
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