Sennelager Summer camp 2016

Going to be spending two weeks in Sennelager with the OTC.

Has anyone been before?
Is there wifi anywhere?
what are the Billets like?

No [embrace the opportunity to be without t'internet for a bit]
Fairly average depending on which ones you're staying in.
A great training area, and quite an attractive part of Germany. Paderborn is the nearest town. Your OTC should have the detailed info you want. Enjoy!

Now stand by for BAOR-related recollections of the Strip, Yellow Handbags, etc.


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Brings me back to the BAOR days. The strip, yellow handbags, etc....


The Coffee shop next to the main Cook house has WIFI, as does CATT building and the Garrison Mess.

Sennelager is great for 2 weeks, but you should be pretty busy. Paderborn is a uni city so pleanty of night life if you have time. If I remember it was 1 or 1.5 Euros a beer on camp.


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Slight resurrection thread. I too am off to Sunny Sennelager next month for a fortnight. I dont anticipate being in camp for long, so wont be packing too many creature comforts but have a few queries...
What is the training area like? Similar to Salisbury Plain with undulating terrain, or swampy, hilly etc? Is there a midge/insect problem?
In camp, do i need a plug adaptor? Obviously, its in Germany so probably yes, but its a British base, so maybe not?
Are there any other minor tips etc along these lines?
Well, having now actually spent some time their I can comment. I spent the 2 weeks in a Theatre barracks, tucked away from the rest of the regulars. The base itself Is alright. It’s got good facilities going on army standards. From what we saw of it, the ground is mostly flat, with lots of woodblocks. A plug adaptor is a must, and an extension cable.
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