Sennelager- possible job - whats it like to live there?

I’ve just been sounded out on a job at Sennelager, has anyone who has lived there recently got any good suggestions for where to live and what there is to do?


Sennelager is shit. But there are some lovely areas within 20 mins drive of there.
Not been to Sennelager for 12 years but had a great few years and lived in Schloss Neuhaus between Sennelager and Paderbourn....are you going to live on the civvy net or have you got military MQ entitlement as I know people who tried to live out said it was costly on the renting of property round there. There are quite a few Ex pats on here who hopefully will give you a good heads up on living/working on civvy net though if you are....just don't buy a car from the con artist just outside STC and enjoy currywurst and pomme frites.
I’m single so won't get a quarter and been living in my own house (well 4 of them) for 15 years so don’t fancy being stuck in a pokey room on base, first thought is a rented flat or house share whist I rent out my place in UK but heard its expensive and wondered if anyone had any recommendations of areas etc.
Is there plenty to do off base there? – I am keen to get out and about.
Sods law in effect - I did French at school so just come from the education center looking for a crash course in German!
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