sennelager-Germany. Dog handler

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by owz88, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. I have just been accepted as a dog handler in the ravc. They told me I'm very likly to be posted in Germany. Couple of questions.
    1. How do they get you there. And how do you sort all of your belongings out to your posting.
    2. How much is the average flight from Germany to England. How long it takes.
  2. Normal way is on an air trooping flight.

    your kit will go by way of MFO (or its equivalent nowadays). This means that it is boxed up and moved by a removal company for you. You just have to take your uniform in bags on the flight. It might be a few weeks before you see your other kit again.

    Takes about an hour UK-Germany and vice versa. Flight costs vary, check the internet.
  3. It's far easier than what you appear to be worrying about. If you've got a car, it's easier to transport your gear and it's reasonably enjoyable drive. Get yourself a satnav though which covers mainland Europe. If you haven't got a car, the mob will jack up yout flights. You don't pay for it. Just contact your new unit and ask if they'll collect you at the other side. Don't worry about Germany mate. Three weeks into your new posting, you'll be necking Paderborner Gold down the Strip like a native!
  4. 1/ The Army will actually help and arrange that.

    2/ a couple of hours.
  5. cheers mate. Do they look after ya stuff on the way. I will check the Internet but just an average cost would be great.
  6. You havent done training yet i see.
  7. I knew that would come up. But there is no harm in being prepared and knowing what is ment to happens before the army does some thing differant.
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Keep it sensible chaps.
  9. Nope, no harm in being prepared. Though be interesting when your first posting aint Sennelager.
  10. Aaaahhh, Sennelager. The Pleasuredome, Warsteiner, Tingle Tangles and Bratties. Loads and loads of bratties.
  11. I hope that come true but..... They said the 2 places I'm most likly to go is Germany. 98% sure it will be Germany. They only have 5 mwd units and 3 of them are in Germany and thy are in most need of people so think of the probability.
  12. So what's sennelager like. Is it a nice place much night life. What's the base like.
  13. To be honest you have a lot more to worry about that where you're going to get basic training for a start.

    Fair play being prepared and all that but priorities my young son. Sennelager is a fair bit away yet, you have to survive basic and trade training yet.
  14. I completly understand but I wanna know what I'm aiming at. I ain't going to give up at basic all I have ever wanted to be is a dog handler and now I have the oppertunity. Nothing is going to stop me.
  15. I agree with the above, get traiining out the way first then worry about where you MIGHT end up, Sennelager is a sh1te hole, i did a refresher dog handlers course there in 92 before being posted to the ADU NI...have fun !!!