senne eck

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King_KFC, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. qiute a few of us know senne eck and neils bar... so funy stories has anyone got any???
  2. You write like your still fcuking pissed!! 8O
  3. Was anyone ever sober enough to remember what really happened in there?
  4. Is that the one in sennelager your on about?
  5. Yeah that would be the one....
  6. Funny stories about the Senne-Eck? F*cking strange request isn't it? Have you got any yourself? I'd love to hear them. It's a tip, always has been, it's owned by people who don't wash and frequented by f*ckwits.

    Neil's bar is also a sh*thole. Christ knows why anybody would want to drink in it. It was a lot better when Malcolm owned it.
  7. is that the one with the bloody great chunk of wood that you'd try to bang nails into?
  8. yes that's senne eck, neil does uk beer expensively
  9. ah, in that case i do know it... lost a bloody fortune in there as a nig, before staggering off to the pleasuredome 8O .... Actually, think i might still have a few beer tokens knocking about somewhere! :D
  10. put them on ebay...genuine army drinking blah cos i think the pleasuredome has gone, is dead as a dodo...I may be wrong
  11. I used to work on the door of Bonkers/Pleasuredome for a bit of extra cash sometimes, with PTI Paddy from 2RGJ. We used to get our cash-in-hand when we got everyone out of the club, and then bimble over to the Senne Eck with the bar staff etc to spend it :D

    Walked back to Paderborn from there leathered at midday many a time.
  12. yuk having flashbacks to the shitty strip in senne!........then on to hollywoods fer a few .......followed by a shandy or two in savoys and trying to avoid a kickin from the qlr on the way back to senne! oh happy days!
  13. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah Hollywoods now you are talking! A small room with a few red lights and no fire exit Bingo youve got yourself a "Nightclub". I must have spent a small fortune in that hole.
    I do remember that midget twat with the pony tail thought he was a bouncer but got leathered everynight...should have stuck to clearing glasses.
    Back to the Senne Eck.....complete sh**hole!
  14. Try was the word. They used to ping around the room if I was fortunate enough to hit them.

    Don't remember much about the bar. It was dark and I was drunk. Every other round they came round with free shots.

    There was a brothel a few doors up.

    One of our boys actually had one of the tarts from there come over to UK to stay with him for a while. He was talking of taking her to the mess dinner.
  15. yip remember the ponytailed freak!.........but also remember his big mate.....i was trying to talk the monkeys out of lifting a mate with the make sure he gets home ok bullshit when the big tache sporting jerry told me to back off......i told him to fek off and next thing i can remember was facing in the other direction with a whine in me head.........he said u want another one!!! like fair one mate see ya later ouch!!!! must have been fifty but still never seen the punch coming through me beer goggles!! :D