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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by vortexadminman, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Come on we havent had erm yet so lets get the bitching done now pre post cr whinge hehe
  2. Vortex.........
    Are you expecting a shite 1 then??
    Failed to organise enough barbies or managed to get enough posters or boards around the sqn with your name on them??
    Not babysat for the Boss or washed his car??......
    Only done your more, no less?

    Shame on you!!
  3. when are they due out??
    is it soon?
    Am I too late to organise something??
  4. Tonight we are using set of balls number seven and lottery machine bolloxs..... the first number out is......... Who gives an fcuk!!!
  5. why do i get the distinct feeling we are probably in the same squadron? ;)
  6. CR,
    You tell me! I assume that you too are under the 'command' of the ginger tosser??
  7. This is always my favourite time of year when the main man can get rid of the useless but O\A Grade SNCO's
    can anyone tell me how this works???
  8. cant be the same place, my boss isn't ginger. but we seem to have some of the same sort of characters over here! :)
  9. CR,

    do you have to suffer the incompetance of jumped up fu*kwits on a daily basis? LCpl's in SSgt's jumpers????

    No? Then get your arrse over here and see how bad it can really get!!

    I see your boss isn't ginger, (from your reply) but does he fulfill the remainder of the title? If so then welcome to madhouse :-(
  10. Grey-man,


    But then i don't think anyone can. Easiest way to offload a tosser?? Promote and post, worked for years, why change it?
    If all you do is your job as well as can be expected then it's never gonna be enough, you need to go the extra mile and organise families days, barbies and babysitting rosters.
    It helps of course if your Mrs is bosom buddies with your boss' Mrs!

    Should have got married i suppose :)
  11. Or approve a/c application or any application for that matter, just so long as the tosser is moved on.

    Some things never change, it would seem.
  12. What you mean most snco's are tossers! no way! surley not?.
  13. If all of these statements are true then they should be directed at your OC's during your CR interview as that would have a greater impact with your boss than on never know, he/she might actually take your point on board and amend it.
  14. there you go meister007 - tell your boss and he might dye his ginger hair and the place will stop smelling of wee :)

    not sure what grade he will give you though...
  15. hahah what is a CR interview as if those happen, best thing I heard in ages. Should we go in and ask for them - yes when we do hmmmmmmmm not now busy and all that jazz