Seniority (on payscale) for experienced nurse joining as PQO?


Quick question for a colleague who is thinking of joining the regulars. I'm aware of the payscale for nursing officers but is there any calculation made for those who are recruited with significant post qualification experience. So, for eg, if a nurse were recruited with 10 years NHS experience and say 5 years in a senior role (band 7), is there a calculation made to take account of that or do they start at the bottom in terms of payscale?

I’d make them an offer - my understanding is we’re short of senior Nurses, especially if they’re clinical.


Did find this while googling, if anyone is interested. It's the RAF and 2018 but I'm guessing it's probably equivalent...

"Antedated Seniority. The first two years relevant post registration experience is counted in full with remaining years of relevant experience counted in half up to an overall maximum of 6 years. For the purposes of part time working, this should be expressed as a percentage using 37.5 hours as the baseline for whole time working e.g. if an applicant worked part time at 24 hours a week for 12 months this would equate to 64% of 12 months = 7.68 months. All nursing officers enter with the rank, which reflects their seniority; any antedated seniority, for the purpose of qualifying for increments of pay, will count from the date of joining. Individuals with non-NHS experience will be considered on a case by case basis. Maximum rank will be flt lt with 2 years seniority."

What that appears to mean is 2 years seniority - so basically equals top band 7, so at least it's not a pay cut. I'll take this back and get them to ring recruitment to discuss.
Don’t forget things like “golden hellos” and appropriate RRP(Nursing)

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