Seniority after Commissioning - Educational Qualifications


Hi Guys,

Just a quick question about seniority after commissioning based on educational qualifications. I looked through the Career Advice thread but no joy.

Basically, I’ll be leaving University in August with an undergrad and two postgrad degrees – a total of 5 years in education. Can anyone tell me how this will affect my seniority on leaving Sandhurst (assuming I manage to scrape through!) and what the practical results of this are? I understand that as I graduate I will be promoted to Captain with 18 months, (which seems very quick) is that accurate? Also, does the classification (First, Second, Third, Pass) etc matter?

Thanks guys,

HND/DipHE 11 months
3 yr degree you get 3 yrs seniority
4 yr degree / masters 3.5 yrs seniority
Grade of degree is not relevant, i know several very good officers with 'richards'!

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