Senior Tories earn thousands from banks they criticise

bobthedog said:
And the long serving minister in the government Jack Straw accidentally forgetting about £3000 to celebrate 25 years as an MP, he was reminded twice by the standards and priveleges committee to declare it and it still "slipped his mind". The same Jack Straw in charge of the Justice Department, and who was also a cabinet minister when the rules about declarations of members interests came into being, he probably even had input into how it was supposed to work. I think declaring this piddly little amount was beneath him!
Seemingly such a 'piddly amount', but symptomatic of how those within the government view the inconvenience of transparency, disclosure and honesty .

However appalling the last Tory administration was, it had no chance of equalling the 'sleaze' and ambience of dishonesty that this administration has achieved.

Please give me, or let me buy, a peerage - please pretty please. Then I can get so much 'dosh' from asking questions, or supporting or introducing Bills in the House.

PS: I fain would not mention the zealous Labour sphincter 'Hain' - oh! no! another case of overlooking a 'piddly amount' - a mere one hundred thousand pounds! When will the good people of Neath realise what a 'total and unprincipled shite' they clasp to their communal bosom?

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