Senior Tories earn thousands from banks they criticise

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. As now Evening Standard belongs to a former KGB spy then it would be interesting to know what it write about.

    And you wish to vote for this gang of fat cats?
  2. Wouldn't it be more of a story if they took the money and didn't criticise them?

    But thanks for pointing up the failings of our democracy, comrade. I for one welcome our new Putinist overlords.
  3. At least they got paid before the banks all become nationalised. It is one thing giving an after dinner speech, quite another to be the morons who were supposed to have a bank regulatory system in place and were responsible for stoking the housing market and the inevitable demise of western civililization. Blair and Brown - the guilty men. :evil:

    In comparison getting £5k off Barclays for a quick chat and a bit of dinner pales into insignificance with the downfall of western capitalism :D
  4. Non story IMO
  5. Just checked my bank statements - I was paid some interest last year. In wake of my comments about bankers I had better send it back.

    Maybe we should think hard about shameless profiteering of a government agent in some other countries? Sugestions on a microdot to a secret drop-point near Russian Embassy please
  6. At least they declared their earnings as per the Register of Members interests! Unlike 2 sleazy C*nts who sit on the Government benches Hain and Straw! Conveniently forgot about donations of Over 100K and 3K.

    And its THIS Government that introduced the rules about making these financial donations public in the register, Straw and Hain were ministers when the law was introduced, using ignorance or forgetfulness as their excuses doesnt wash with me.
  7. Politicians in 'two-faced' shocker! Read awl abaht it!
  8. Lovely balanced story.....When's the follow up about Labour Minister's pocketing money from the Banks....
  9. Name and shame them, Kit
  10. And the Limp Dems too. :D
  11. Sure - I have no problem with that.
  12. No reason for you to, is there?
  13. Ho Ho Ho
  14. Don't begrudge them earning money from speaking engagements...none of us would say no...however it further proves that being an MP is a part-time job.
  15. Merry Christmas Sventa Clause. :D