Senior TA Staff College

Does anyone out in TA Arrseland know how the allocations are worked out.  Is it the top 60 on Land's list, cap badge or next job?
Next job also comes into it.  

If you have already been promoted to Lt Col without having done the course (happens occasionally), you get priority.  

If you have been selected for command or an SO1 job, you get priority.  

Other than that, as per Ramillies post.  
With our organisation you have to have done the course to get a look in at a SO1's slot.  

Maybe I should have bought my SO1 more beers to enhance my CR.  That way it might boost me up the "order of merit" ranking.  That said, knowing my luck, even if I did get a place on the 2004 course I'd probably get mobilised and miss it.
As did a number of people on people on this year's course !

On average, though, the next warfighting in the Gulf will be in 2013, and I doubt either of us will be around for that ;D
I think my retirement date is around 2014/15, so I could be around, my knees, other body parts and family pressure permitting.  

You might want to be aware that the theoretical age limit for TACSC is 40.  

Having said that, some over-40s do get on it.

Hope you get a good OJAR this year.  Might see you there next year.
On that point,

What is the oldest you can get commisioned at in the TA?
Not having TA regs in front of me, I have to say, good question, well presented, I will get back to you.

There are several answers for different scenarios:

1.  combat commission via TACC
2.  combat commission for oldies via district board
3.  QM commission
4.  Technical commissions (e.g. Traffic Offr, TOT in R Signals)
5.  Whether you are ex-Regular WO

Your adjutant is the one to ping on this one.

I think the majority of candidates put forward by my organisation are over 40.  There is certainly a few wrinkles with the current putative batch.  I understand (& hope) we get a waiver.  There again I was told the same applied to JDSC but at 35 or 36 I was deemed too old.  

When I joined the TA I suppose my "ambition" was to get to Major and a TD.  Having attained that anything else is a bonus.  It would be interesting having to cope with the stresses & strains (& pay) of a SO1's job.  
Believe me, I am not sure the one is always compensated by the other !

Plus you tend to go off Glasgow's radar screen when pushing mobilisation buttons - which some might think of as an advantage, I suppose, but it is a bit galling.

Plus, if you push paper at work, it would be a busman's holiday at weekends..........

Having said all that, I was chuffed to get that nice letter from Glasgow with good news in it for once !
On that point,

What is the oldest you can get commisioned at in the TA?
Well, on my TACC we had a 42-year-old, whose 19-year-old daughter turned up for the passing-out parade and had several of our tongues hanging out......

But that was then :)

Similarly, one of our lot did JDSC (TA) while nearly 50, while our Regular QM did JDSC at nearly the same age. Complete stars, the pair of them.
Well this selection, age (isn't that illegal now?) and potential for SO1 thing has shafted me for the Senior course - over several years.

I've been a volunteer to attend it since 1995 and even had a personal letter from the Reg Col saying I was the Regts No 1 priority and I should prepare to attend in 1996... then again in 1997 etc etc. Oh and CRs reflecting that I "am to attend" etc etc

Anyway I made the Reserve list in 2000 and I am trying again for 2004 even if I'm not 50 yet.

Don't let the buggers get you down....
Well surprise surprise

I was our Regiments No one priority for the 2004 TACSC and the "board" again say no - so I don't need the zimmer frame!

I've decided to go for the double figures refusal by them - only 2 more goes and I'm there.

Anybody know who the "board" are ?

Is there any appeal mechanism?

:( :( :( :( :(
TangoZeroAlpha said:
Well surprise surprise

I was our Regiments No one priority for the 2004 TACSC and the "board" again say no ....
Me too. Likewise, it's been on me CR for a few years now....

I did hear (from an SO2 G1 (V) at Bde) that you required four CRs in post at substantive (field) rank in order to be considered by that particular Bde's board for nomination. And even then, the Bde's list goes into competition with all the other Bdes lists....

Basically, Bde put forward their ordered list of nominations; helps to be "known" at Bde level. If you've got a good CO, he should be working at managing your "visibility", carpet parades excepted ;)

As I understand it the candidates are prioritised at Regional Brigade level, so being your Regiment's number one priority is not really any guarantee. As for having it on your CR/OJAR, that's just your unit recommendation - you need to get your 1st SRO to write you up as well. It helps if you've been earmarked for a CO job as well....

I know of people in my brigade who were told they were a BRIGADE priority and didn't even make the reserve list. They were "lost in the noise" at Regional Bde level. Get to know your MS people at your Regional Bde and find out how it works in your Bde.

Helps if you are teeth arms - they seem to get more places.

Apparently they increased the size of the course this year (anyone who was there confirm this?) from 50 to 60.

Good luck and don't give up - get some visibility OUTSIDE your regiment and it will help no end.

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