Senior TA Soldier by Appointment

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Headless_Chicken, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Saw a thread in "Seniors" discussing who's the top soldier in the Regs - RSM at Sandhurst, Sgt Maj for London or Conducter in the RLC.

    Is there a nominated Senior Appointment WO in the TA?
  2. Yes, me.
  3. BB - surely you undervalue your position? :p

    I once saw a PWRR WO1 in the London District Specialist Training Team - could be one of the highest TA appointments within that District?
  4. Doesn't GSM london take a dual roll?

    In my humble opinion, Perry was one of the tallest, scariest bastards ever to wave a stick in your face

    [​IMG] a top bloke btw :p
  5. RLC Bus conductor is higher than RMAS ASM
  6. Isn't bus-conductor the highest fullstop?

    (edited: sorry, we're talking territorials aren't we)
  7. I am sure it is, i think there are only 5 bus conductors in the RLC and i think 4 of them are TA. I cannot confirm this but i am sure i heard it on the jungle bongos last year.

    I am sure this thread has been done before :?