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[align=center]I can feel a tune coming on! Will it be wait for the wagons or get on parade?



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Bloody hell, have you had an old mans kip between posts?

Hey, like you do, I'm 56 now. I only have to see a blanket and I push up the Z's
You're so vain.
I'll bet you think this thread is about you.
Don't you? Don't you?
I thought all the busses where run by the various GTO’s now days and other than the school escorts where driver only affairs, yet some one says we still have 11 Conductors o_O

And anyway, surely an inspector is higher than a conductor ^~
Dont knock it. Handed in my SLR for the last time in 1995 I'm pleased to say. Mind you that was in a different Army. The Army of to day has better conditions than the "Cold War" army, but it has to fire too many live rounds for real. I take my hat off to the lads.

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