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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny_Dravot, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Who is the senior soldier in the British Army? Is it the AcSM, London Garrision SM, the Arty SM of the Snr Cdr at Land....

    ..there seems to be much myth and rumour about this....

    Personally, i always thought it was the AcSM, but a RLC Ord type WO told me t'other day it was a Cdr...

    does anybody ahve the official line?
  2. Conductor is an appointment just like RSM but trade wise. I always thought it was the AcSM.
  3. I think this has been done to death in Seniors section, and even then no one could give a definitive answer. But i think it is a Conductor.
  4. Goon,

    You should know better!

    QRs lays out soldier appt seniority quite clearly.

    IIRC it is:

    1) Cdr RLC
    2) Top bloke in RA (cant remember the title).
    3) AcSM RMAS

    '1)' is deffo, the rest may be slightly out of synch.

    What is certain though is that the AcSM is the senior RSM in the Army. Cdr RLC is a pseudo offr appt who may opt to be a [non-voting] member of either the Sgts' Mess or Offrs' Mess (needless to say the former is always chosen).

  5. RLC Conductor is the senior Warrant Officer appointment rank in the British Army.

    Clickety click
  6. I think the RA senior is The Master Gunner, but I'm sure a gunner somewhere will put me right.
  7. oldbaldy

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  8. lol, thats the one. Like i said, done to death. But at end of day, they are all Sirs and make you day either go well or bad.
  9. 100% Conductor RLC

    But my personal view is that the order of seniority was written when Conductors were the preserve of the RAOC and as a result the RLC have inherited the appointment. Some watering down was always going to happen.

    Over the years DRLC (not all within it but some) have sought to devalue the appointment. Why? Well clearly a previous CRSM didn't like having 11 or so other WO1s in the RLC be senior to him. His ignorance extended to the extent that he considered any WO1 less those in RSM roles to be unworthy or have no value to commisioning!!! An intresting debate on employability of Ex-RSMs in itself!.

    The previous director took an interest in ramping up the profile of the appointment and I am unsure on the current chaps stance but I imagine it will be to support and strengthen it. (Providing they are wearing a TRF!)

    So hopefully this answers the post, I am sure that the RASM & Academy Boy just love the facts although I fear the Academy chap has more important issues to address like why soldiers arent bulling their boots, shaving, and starching their kit in Herrick!!!
  10. Well it has'nt harmed our trades Conductor now that he is soon to be commissioned.
  11. I see it this way.

    There are 7 Non-Commissioned ranks in the Army and various appointments.

    A WO1 is a WO1 regardless of his appointment and no higher than another WO1 apart from seniority (which is still minor in the grand scheme of things)

    If for example a WO1 told the CRSM to feck off could the CRSM initiate AGAI proceedings? - No because they are the same rank.
  12. It's the RASM, Royal Artillery Sergeant Major.
  13. Goto work, check the facts and report back, no point shouting its the RA one when a)youre wrong and b) youre wrong.

    Ill try to do a bit of damage limitation for you, to bail yourself out you can say that the RASM is the senior RSM! But Conductor sits above them in seniority.

    And the question was 'Whos the senior soldier"
  14. I wasn't saying thet the RASM was the senior as I was always aware that a conductor RAOC, and his succesors in RLC, was the senior WO1 appointment, I was saying that I thought the senior RA WO1 was the master gunner and paragorge was saying it was the RASM. Read before you answer.
  15. oldbaldy

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