Senior Soldier Receives Silver Star

Not to belittle the achievements of the event but can I ask if it wasn't a bit reckless for a Colonel to be going into such a high level killing zone? Sounds a bit risky and as if it might endanger the whole Brigade through the risk of the Command element.

I can't claim to know much about the movements of colonels and above in these situations but it seems a little off, could anyone shed some light on it?

Other than that though...

"As he moved out of the way, I just crashed through that door. I remember barreling through the door with my left shoulder, and I just knocked the door right off the hinges," said Riling, who weighs 198 pounds.

As a result, the insurgent hiding behind the door was mortally wounded and died.
Finally proof of why American football may be of some use...

Well done to the CSM anyway. :)
Ant as I understand the situation, the Marines were asking for support. The brigade commander and CSM Riling with their PSD were the closest to their position and went into the situation as an immediate reaction force to buy time for the Marines until additional forces could arrive. There was personal risk, but to delay might mean the deaths of the entire Marine unit. This is common in Iraq when a unit is hit by an IED or encounter a superior enemy force the closest units move to contact to lend assistance.

As an aside CSM Riling has the George Medal [read in his bio]. What is the criteria for that decoration ?
Fair enough. Just sounded a bit odd too me, Colonel being put in personal danger etc.

However if it's a needs must situation then I suppose it makes sense, thanks tom :)
Excellent job Command Sergeant Major (RSM is the British Army equivalent) and congratulations on the award of a well deserved Silver Star (equivalent to a Brit Military Cross).

As for Bn commanders "Taking the bull by the horns", sometimes decisive personal involvement by Bn command staff is vital to maintain momentum.
I cite the Paras Colonel "H" Jones actions in the Falklands War (where he won a posthumous Victoria Cross) as a classic example.
For some time now US Army doctrine has been for commanders to direct combat from their TOC. In DS an Apache battalion bn co was relieved for leading a combat mission. Iraq has changed that thinking.

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