Senior Soldier Entry-Reserve Commission



I'm looking at going for a commission in the Reserves, i know there are 2 routes, I'm trying to find out more about the process, from ppl who have done it( yes i have read the current DIN)
  1. Senior Soldier Entry (Devolved) which is through the AOSB(SSE) delivered by RMAS. This was previously known as the Late Entry Officer Commissioning Assessment Board (LECAB).
2. Senior Soldier Entry (via AOSB). SSE (AOSB) commission is the primary route for an Army Reserve senior soldier who wishes to apply for a commission in the Army Reserve. This process is run entirely by AOSB at Westbury and is NOT directly linked to the SSE(D) or Regular LE process.
Go with the former, the latter involves competing against younger fitter stronger faster 18-20 somethings and it mattering.
My mate was successful on the RMAS version and he said it was pretty straightforward. He did a lot of reading on MODNET for the "strategy understanding" and asked a few officers about the generic leadership questions that would come up. He also did a bit of research on the OF4 and 6 that interviewed him for common interests. All standard stuff really.