Senior Salaries Review Body

This is the pay review board for the military (2* and above), the judiciary, senior civil servants and senior bods in the NHS etc.

MOD link

I skimmed the report which makes very good reading.

:arrow: It compares these people's salaries with those for MPs and Ministers.
:arrow: It describes the background and notes that their morale has been severely dented.
:arrow: It notes the severe distortions that have developed as the politicians have sought to control all such payrises.
:arrow: It makes an extremely strong case for the increase, which has been accepted by the Government.

I have little doubt that Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells will chip in that they don't deserve their payrise, but if you read the report, the Board eloquently argues their case.

The graphs of relative payscales are fascinating!

The drinks are on the next 2* you find (starting salary of £98k).... except that they are, reportedly, a rare beast!


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