Senior RMP in Iraq found dead...

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RIP Captain Masters
We're born..and sooner or later we die. Sir, your path came to an end. For your family we grieve..and celebrate your choice of life, the way you lived it, and the manner of your passing.RIP
May God rest his Soul

Almighty God, by whose grace we are called to positions of responsibility and trust bless, we pray thee, all members of the Royal Military Police. Inspire them to courage and wisdom, courtesy and faithfulness: grant them a true knowledge of thy will that they may guide their comrades aright: that by saving others in justice and mercy they may also serve thee and so become more worthy of their calling; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
The most difficult job in the most difficult circumstances. You have my eternal respect. Rest in peace.

My deepest condolences for your family and friends.
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