Senior Ranks' Inability to Dress in the Morning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arkady, Feb 26, 2004.

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  1. What is it with certain senior ranks? It appears that the higher up the food chain they go, the less able they are to dress correctly.
    I spotted a Full-Colonel this morning wearing a jungle shirt, mismatched c95 trousers, hi-tec boots, one trouser leg tucked in, one using a twist - and all looking as though they hadn't seen an iron in a decade.
    If a private soldier appeared like that on parade in the morning, I'd shoot him.
    Don't these men have wives? Not to do the ironing for them, but to stop them going outdoors looking like a pillock...
  2. You wanna see an Army Doctor's dress sense...2's Shirts, Lightweight's and some sort of Chelsea boot completed one M.O's ensemble this morning 8O :D
  3. seems the higher up you are the more privelige you feel you should get seems to be the case
  4. seems the higher up you are the more privelige you feel you should get seems to be the case
  5. The only time one can get army officers to dress in uniform is in the bar at Watchfield in civvis.
  6. Do you think he was making a statement?
  7. Not too sure :? Saw another one wearing what appeared to be olive green canvas trousers with that rather natty red jumper 8O
  8. Seems that cavalry types have a super-abundance of wierd and arcane uniform items in their wardrobes.
    I particularly enjoy the maroon/burgundy 'moleskin' trousers and pink jersey HW combo. WTF!?
    The other thing I find highly entertaining is bizarre facial hair - those 'upside-down' eyebrows that sprout from the upper cheek area!
    Wives take note! Your husbands look like yetis!
  9. You didn't hear it from me, but I know that some officers in the 'big house' in JHQ have a rule never to dress the same way twice and if they are questioned by some of the officers form the other nationalities they make up some regimental battle honour to be celebrating.

    "No lanyard? Well it's the battle of Ackrington day, we don't wear lanyerds on the battle of Ackrington day!" :oops:
  10. That's fine - taking the p*ss out of foreigners is a well-documented and thoroughly splendid passtime, but these individuals are swanning round where there are only UK military (OK - one Spam and one Frog) and Civil Service types. What kind of example is that to set. It upsets the children, don't you know. Like officers running - it panics the troops...
  11. When my last RSM was commissioned the OC gave some advice that I shall never forget.

    "break your Iron over your alarm clock and use your boot brush to clean up the mess"

    more fitting advice to a newly commissioned Officer it would be hard to find!
  12. Chaps chaps chaps...
    No two officers should ever be dressed the same. Thats how you can tell we're officers (from when we forget our epaulettes). The stranger you look, the more senior you are. In the fog of battle, the commander is discernible by his collar and tie and the pipe firmly clenched between his teeth. But whatever you're wearing should indeed be clean and smart, with your umbrella tightly furled.
  13. As far as I can remember, the "hairy appendages" used to be known as
    "Bugger's Grips", the reason for which escapes me! :oops:
  14. we get inspected every monday and you should see the state of our OC, talk about using mess tins, i think ours uses a brick :lol:
  15. The strange facial hair affected by Senior Officers (usually first appears on promotion to Commander RN) is also refered to as "muff diver's depth marks". It is important that they are regularly calibrated! :lol: It's above the beard line so is outside the rules on full set/clean shaven only.

    Such hair was once seemed as mandatory for Royal Navy Senior Officers as a fcuk off 'tasche still is for Royal Marine SNCOs.

    For Nutstrangler's information. Bugger's grips. Handy when a Rear Admiral's rear is a Vice Admiral's vice. :wink: