Senior-ranking police in Scotlands to be slashed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Feb 14, 2008.

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  2. Good idea and a good start. Unfortunately, it's little more than a drop in the ocean; ACPO has already said they need a MINIMUM of 2,000 new officers.
  3. Superb idea considering the money these chaps and chappettes get paid for the level of responsibilty they actually take on and the little impact they have on the stats and figures our government love so much!
  4. Outstanding idea! Maybe Eck will get to deliver those 1000 bobbies on the beat after all.

    Now if he could just do the same with all those Local Council fuckups that bleed us dry, I'd be a happier man.
  5. You wonder what the effectiveness of a load of reluctant desk wallahs will be on their odd trips onto the streets. A visible presence and not much else. Personally if every desk cop can give up 10% of his time (or whatever) to street policing with no apparent loss of useful other output I would put 10% of them permanently back onto the relief system and reallocate their admin work among the remaining 9-5 staff. Chances are some of the new relief workers will jack, replace them with younger more motivated (and slightly cheaper (at least in the short run)) cops, and continue. Be ruthless.

    As one Strathclyde cop told me, "If we spent half the time fighting crime that we spend trying to fit each other up on disciplinaries there wouldn't be a crime problem". A lovely insight into a working environment, don't you think - "fitting each other up" on disciplinaries? Whoopy doo.
  6. They have to learn about "fitting up" somewhere, and where better than the comfort and security of the station? You don't want them to get it wrong when it comes to "fitting up" Joe Public (no relation).
  7. I read the article with interest. Why have the Polis got a Corporate Planning Division?
  8. Lothian and Borders are also at the cutting edge of Law Enforcement - they have started flying the Gay Rights Rainbow Flag at Fettes Police HQ.

    Of course, Murders on their patch have gone up from 10 to 13, Attempted Murders from 72 to 109 and Serious Assualts from 617 to 109 between 2006 and 2007.

    But hey - as long as the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Community feels "supported", that's the man thing... :roll:
  9. My bold: deliberate or not, that certainly made me laugh! Works on so many levels.
  10. Err...of COURSE it was deliberate... :oops:
  11. Should senior ranks in the Armed Forces reading this get a little worried?
  12. At Col level upwards - probably.
  13. So Scotland has police forces as well? What a jolly good idea. I do hope it works
  14. Damn right. Any idea how many 1 Star "Brigade Commanders" we have compared to the number of deployable brigades? Apparently in the region of 36 compared to 8 (stood by to be corrected) deployable brigades. I know we need a rank pyramid but that smacks of a gravy train.....
  15. We're supposed to have the Loch Ness Monster as well. But we never see her either. :roll: