Senior radiographer joining RAMC

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I'm a senior radiographer joining up with RAMC (TA) over the next few months. I have seen a lot bandied about over the PQO entry route, would anyone be willing to elaborate on what the entry requirements are for this route?

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It's not clear whether you have already approached the TA to join as you should have been told that all radiographers who join the TA are recruited as an Other Rank and not considered for a PQO in the first instance, no matter how much radiography experience they have. If you have not done so already you should send a CV to 2 Med Bde via the unit you are thinking about joining in which you should state what experience you have and in what modalities. It is essential people have regular access to CT and general/A&E, without this they will be asked to speak with their employer and reapply once they have gained experience.
It is important for people who are looking at joining the TA to understand the "One Army" concept. Regular radiographers are primarily Other Ranks so this brings everyone into alignment and ensures that the senior radiographer on Operations has the necessary military experience as well and radiographic experience. Rank should not be the driver to join but the desire to be part of a multi-disciplined team who work together to ensure optimum treatment for all casualties.
Thanks for the reply! Yes I have already applied. I have the medical booked for the first week of June. A commission isn't the driving force behind my application, I was just seeking knowledge because of a rumour that I have recently heard...

Thanks again!