Senior police person orders staff to monitor Wikipedia!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. I wonder if these 'staff' should be more gainfully employed?Their boss seems to think that they should be monitoring his web entry,to ensure that his reputation is maintained.

    His Wikipedia entry:
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Looks like wiki are going to delete it... He probably wants them to put a new one up as soon as they do.
  3. Not to worry, he's probably got his "Staff Officer", normally an Inspector, AKA bootlick to do it for him between carrying the hats and bags. They're normally useless brown nosers on the career ladder anyway.
  4. He seems to have delusions of grandeur.

    Does anyone care about his achievements?
  5. Might put my own wiki up, and then get one of the lads to watch it.

    Errr, hang about. They'd probably put all my beer drinking escapades in.
  6. Now to write something about this man that's not slanderous.

    He managed to alienate his entire workforce under the rank of inspector in one day. Its a matter of towing the party line for promotion. Under no circumstances must you disagree with the senior miss management team.

    I work for West Yorkshire Police and don't know anybody under the rank of Inspector that would p!ss on him if he was on fire.

    He's enforcing a new style of policing called lets hoodwink the public and I want a peerage and Blair's job in the met.

    West York's Police has the lowest crime figures, highest detection rate and lowest sickness in years. This megalomaniac says we got it all wrong and is bringing in his view for the future. Which everybody in the job (who's visited the planet earth) knows its not going to work.

    Its going to cost an extra £350,000 in my division alone who going to pay for that. You are my friends, your council tax will go up again.

    Some of the changes have already been implemented and morale is at an all time low. Its very difficult for the Patrol Sgt's I do honestly feel sorry for them.

    He just another clueless politician in a police uniform.

    Well writing this will evidently get me arrested for computer misuse and have my house turned over by profession standards aka discipline and complaints. That's what normally happens if you try and tip over the apple cart.

    By the way the current minimum fitness standard for a new Bobby is 4.3 on the bleep test. You want to see the fat fcuker's that are going through training school.

    How can they get respect from Joe public if they look like Bella Emberg.

    Is this me being a disgruntled old twat or what.
  7. Very eloquently put PM9. Fortunately (for some) the wiki is like a red rag to a bull and it's a great way of showing these useless cnuts up for what they are. You would have thought that the man had more sense. After all, he's been in long enough. :roll:
  8. "More sense" - he's a senior police officer, for God's sake! 8O

    It's like expecting a politician to be honest... :roll:
  9. He must think he is an MP
  10. Papamike said he was an incompetant buffoon (a pre requisite for most senior police officers) not blatantly corrupt.

    With his name linked to the Met post he must have delusions of grandure
  11. Why don't you create your own Wiki article entitled "Norman Bettison uncovered"?
  12. He looks like a kiddie fiddler.

    I'll add that to his wiki.

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  13. He's a bit of a go-er aint he?

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  14. Outstanding work, M'Lord Flashy! :D :lol: