Senior Plod in secret top up pay deals

Ah yes, transparency in public office. No doubt there will soon be MP's lining up to denouncing this outrage visited on the public purse. :roll:

"Senior police officers are receiving “off-book payments” and secret perks totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds, including private school fees and cars for their spouses.

The Times has discovered that one chief constable heading a force of just 1,700 officers was paid a £74,000 top-up on his salary last year. Sean Price, of the Cleveland force, was paid a £50,000 “retention package” and an “honorarium” of £24,000, raising his income to £200,000."


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Apart from the snouts in troughs aspects, why do they (and the media) refer to themselves as "the force"? They are not Stasi yet. They are constabularies and supposed to be there for the benefit of the population and not themselves.
The whole ACPO which is a QANGO of the worst sort if i believe correctly and should be first in line for a transparency in public office review.

off Book payments is that also not properly defined as a bribe?
Seems like there,s a bit of bribery going on here, cops, bought and paid for, Shhheeeesh! 8O 8O
This concept that employers have to pay the going rate for the job is bol*ocks. It is blackmail by the employee. Any concern that he might go elsewhere for bigger bucks should be dealt with as a blackmail demand. You do not pay him extra and neither does any other employer. Just as firms have black-lists of undesirable employees they will not entertain, a black list should be maintained for bosses who thus price themselves out of the market.
This should apply not only for the fuzz but all those others in the private sector whose reewards are grossly ramped up by this 'going rate' nonsense.
Agreed ORC, and of course should include politicians WhoTF gave them the idea that they were equivalent to anything above the pay scale of a toilet cleaning idiot in a motorway service station in Outer Mongolia.
A curious turn of affairs made more so as Hugh Orde's maiden speech to ACPO highlights an under funded police service nationwide and how the public will have to acclimatise to less police support on the streets.

Obviously these financial rules don't apply to Chief Constables.
I think this has been going on for some time.About 4 years ago the Chief Super in charge of our Division was very keen that all officers from Inspector down, should fill in the yearly time and motion type forms.We had to fill one in every day for a month.When the Div met the target he had set, he was very pleased. It turned out that he was paid a £5000 bonus! :evil: Why :? he already gets a wage why pay him more because we do our job?

Paid a bonus because you do your job!!!! Makes no sense.
And yet the bastards have the cheek to run ACPO as a private, profit making business using public resources for personal gain.

Most coppers are pigs, these are swine.
The police forces, constabularies, 'services' or farces, have largely lost the respect of the nation.

Apart from the odd 'bad apple' - such as the psychotic yob acting criminally at the G20 riots - the public still support the 'bobby on the street.

The disrespect is aimed clearly and justifiably at the politically driven higher echelons. Bring back the days when the police were governed, led and controlled by senior Army officers!
smartascarrots said:
And yet the bastards have the cheek to run ACPO as a private, profit making business using public resources for personal gain.

Most coppers are pigs, these are swine.
Its called corruption.