Senior Parachute Regiment Officers Cry for help.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EAGLE1, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. A Senior Parachute Regiment Officer has sent an E-mail to a friend in the UK telling him that the situation in Afghanistan is desperate.

    'We are running short of bullets', 'we are running short of food'. 'The Taliban are relentless in their attacks'. 'the men are being reduced to tears'. 'We are being attacked every day', 'we are short of manpower the men are slow to react'.

    He also mentions that the paras have been straffed with bullets and phos'phorus by the Raf harrier pilots who are supposed to be giving 'covering fire'.

    Now let's get this straight-If a Parachute regiment Officer sends an E-mail saying that 'his situation is critical' then people at the top had better listen to the man. He is amongst the toughest fighting force in the British Army.
    If he says 'his men are stuggling' then I hope to god something is done to help him and his men.

    But I will put my money on the fact that he will be the one 'hunted down' and 'silenced' then quietly removed to a desk job in some far and distant country.

    No bullets will be fired said Des brown, Peace keeping said Des brown after lying to the men on the ground it is no wonder that moral is at an all time low in that far and distant land.

    So come on Tony get your wellies on just as Churchill did during world war two and get your sorry ass onto the ground to talk to your men. Fine proud men that are struggling against the odds without the right gear doing your dirty work in some far flung part of the world that even the full force of the Russian army could not tame.

    Better still stay under your silk covers until you retire you ******* knob-head.
  2. There are so many mistakes in this, I don't know where to start.

    What's the source? ?
  3. Your source please?
  4. Sky News 'Top Story' 15:00 Hrs, Friday 22nd September 2006.
  5. Wasn't the quote about not a round being fired said by John Reid?
  6. BBC News Link:

    The point is, we were committed to non-combat operations in Afghanistan and in turn there was no allowances made for battle casualty replacements, re-enforcements, ammo supplies, helicopters etc etc.

    Well clearly we are fckn experiencing combat operations - possibly some of the most ferocious fighting we have seen in years and yet there still have been no changes made out there.

    Fck the usual Paras v the rest of the Army banter - Everyone will agree that our Airborne forces are amongst the finest combat troops in the world - if they are having that hard a time of it, things must be bad on the ground.

    As for you fckn crabs, dont even get me started :p
  7. So this unexpected resistance, didnt turn up on any HSE risk assesment?
    Not even after the Russians got given their shoeing?

    It not rocket salad, Afghanis dont like being invaded and they are quite capable of conveying their thoughts to anyone they dont like.
  8. Oh and another point here is why the fck was it ever necessary to attempt to destroy the poppy fields because that will endear us to the locals wont it. Especially as they can hardly afford to eat anyway.

    Surely the best thing to do there would be to allow the locals to do what they have had to do for thousands of years and make a product to sell so they can eat and live.

    After all cigarettes are worse that fcking heroin yet try to get those crops burned-no fcking chance. you will never make a friend of a local if you burn their livelyhood to the ground. But hey there must be a bigger plan?

  9. Tony blair has no spine! So para reg officer will be told to wind his neck in!
  10. I might be wrong but it is my understanding that NO outside Army has EVER beaten the Afghans, !!!!
  11. This boils my blood. The MOD send one additional Harrier when everyone on the ground is calling for an additional division of men with bayonets and helo support. I've seen once seen a Para get a wobbly chin due to frustration - only once mind - but they never shed tears. What the hell is going on and why are we still cutting back on the Nation's insurance premiums?
  12. Alexander the great did,
    Everyone else paid them off or bought them out!

    There is a book about it called (IIRC) "the great game"
  13. Cobblers

    Two drug addicts I know suffered horrendously within a couple of years of starting using, with collapsed veins etc (this without mentioning the problems coupled to sharing needles) One ended up with a thrombosis the size of a fist in his groin and the other half his large colon chopped out and a colostomy bag fitted.

    I didn't see anything like that happen to the many many squaddies I saw smoking like chimneys whilst I was in.
  14. IIRC, Alexander the Great won by the simple expedient of slaughtering every man, woman, child, dog or horse that looked at him or his men the wrong way.
    If you had a nasty dream about Alexander, you woke up with your throat slit.
    Unfortunately, British Forces would not be allowed to take such extreme measure. In the immortal words of Sir Cain: "Looks bad in the newspapers and upsets civilians at their breakfasts".