Senior Officers to go

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alfred_the_great, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. With some luck they'll go through Upavon with a Flymo.
  2. I don't see how this is news. Has it not always the intention to cut a number of senior jobs?

    I think it is not before time, speaking not as a ' sack all officers and give the money to the lads' type mong, but given we do have a higher proportion of senior officers than other nations. I imagine that there will soon be a cull of buckshee SO2 and SO3 jobs as well.
  3. Makes sense, but we do need to be careful. There needs to be a sense that career progression is possible. In addition, creating new battalions of infantry soldiers is fairly simple in a short space of time. Creating half decent high level commanders is not.
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  4. best set aside a few squillion quid for redundancy then, as they will be setting the rate for it themselves!
  5. I see that the article actually makes my point already, nice to see captains grouped with Colonels.

  6. Erm, Stabtoreg: Wah?
  7. Probably talking of RN Captains more than Army ones.

    Although I'm keeping my fingers crossed even though we as a corps are reportedly 30-odd down due to various Manning Counter Measures decisions such as RLC wing only using (and quoting too much) the first part of MS's binding principle.
  8. It says top jobs - not wasters in the Commissariat.
  9. Does being made redundant count as 'voluntary early departure' under AFPS 05? I think we're about to find out!
  10. That's not the Commissariat as you well know old boy. It's AG's empire.
  11. Not a wah, just a moment of errant stupidity.

    I'm going to go and have a lie down.
  12. Well, I wouldn't miss it.
  13. Good, about time too*. But DeltaDog is quite correct - reducing the headshed headcoud will not necessarily result in better commanders further down the line. I know too many SO3s and SO2s who are concluding, probably rightly, that the game is up an dthat they are better off getting whilse they still can. Of course, the MoD is only too happy to see them go, but this has the potential to leave us in a parlous state later on.

    *We are over-officered and have far too may red tabs as proportion of our ranks. Perhaps we should make the new default setting for one-star a full Col and bin the concept of the staff. What one-stars we need (not that many I would suggest) could become general officers again. Also, we need to practise an up-or-out policy. If you do not get promoted beyond SO2 level after 16 years' service (could we afford to be slightly more generous and go to 20 years?), then you are out, end of. Harsh but necessary and it would ensure that most officers have a reasonable career, with a reasonable level of responsibility i.e. sub-unit command and reasonable pension at the end of it.
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  14. Stonker will come and find you for a comment like that and then kill you.

    It would be nice to think that studies like Dr Storr's (post TELIC 1) etc would be used to inform this reduction. However, I suspect it'll be a game of survival of the nastiest, as people empire grab and politic for all it's worth.....