Senior Officers and the OTT

Those officers who aspire to one star rank and who are considering changing to AFPS05 should consider very carefully the effect on their pension if the are directed to retire before reaching the age of 55. In these circumstances it appears that if you have moved to AFPS05 then you would remain on EDP until the age of 65 when pension would become payable.
Correct. The rules of the 05 scheme are the same for everyone now. So a 4* General gets treated exactly the same as any other person and has to complete 18 years for EDP and if they leave before 55, they will be treated the same as everyone else on EDPs.
? but of course...why emphasise this to Senior Officers because if they can't u/s the new scheme briefings then how can we expect Fus Ugantumanga to do so ?

More pertinent is the loss of Life Commutation for the aged Blimps, small detail to me but massive financial implications to those who joined pre-1978- of course an area not covered in the OTT briefings as it saves MOD a potential fortune.

Pip Pip
I highlighted these senior officers problem because joyous Cols on hearing the news that they are to be promoted may not take into consideration the fact that it is possible for the MoD to require a 1* or 2* officer to leave before their 55th birthday if there is no post for them. If they have change to AFPS05 that will have a very bad finanial effect on them.

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