Senior Officer appointed to manage "Air Bridge"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by woopert, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. It seems the MoD is grasping the bullet with the "air bridge" issues experienced by troops transiting through Cyprus by appointing a senior officer to run it.

    Following Mark Lancaster MP's exchange with the CO of the Ops Wing in the summer Adam Ingram has conceded there is a problem after a discussion in the commons:

    The question is whether the "end-to-end review" will find and fix quickly enough in time for the inevitable increase in troop movements.
  2. oldbaldy

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    My highlight. I wonder how long they will look into it before some is appointed.
  3. It needs sorting ASAP or with the extra movements about to take place it will have a detrimental impact on morale
  4. Once upon a time in the pre-purple days there was an officer who was in charge of the 'air bridge', a spiffing Cranwell trained chap.

    These days PJHQ seems to be full of officers with little experience in certain fields talking a lot but saying nothing.
  5. Good luck to the guy - whoever he may be. Until the RAF gets some decent, modern trooping aircraft with the appropriate DAS he is on a hiding to nothing. Any "improvements" will be marginal and cosmetic.
  6. New Labour aren't interested in movements .........., they just don't give a shit
  7. If they move the 1600 from Iraq direct to Afghanistan, surely that will ease some of the pain on the airbridge?

    I'll get my coat...........
  8. I understand the man in charge will be Wing Commander Stellios, troops will book in then perform a CFT to get their desired seat on the aircraft.

  9. What utter tosh. ACOS J1/J4 (who runs the coupling bridge on behalf of CJO) is 'a spiffing Cranwell trained chap' and is working hard to sort the problem out, however Seanbean has it absolutely spot on:

  10. What about getting a civair charter from Brize to Akrotiri and then transfer the passengers and luggage onto a DAS equipped Tristar.

    Base all the DAS aircraft in Cyprus until availability improves then we can use it as heat acclimatisation as well.
  11. HMG could just stump up the cash for some new aircraft. Even if it just adds to the Tristar fleet rather than replacing it.

    Sorry, I appear to have wondered in to common sense land. I'll put myself on a charge.
  12. What, Forward Base RAF aircrews in Cyprus away from Brize Norton?

    Are you mad?
  13. Air Bridge you say? Where's Freddie Laker when you need him?
  14. As SeanBean says, until FSTA is finally funded, little will improve. Ironic indeed given that yesterday the Times were reporting that this very project was being examined for the chop in a projected further round of cuts to enable funding of the Trident replacement/upgrade.

    My suggestion to find the dosh is to cancel our order for A400M and plough the money saved back into more C-17s and FSTA A330 tanker/transports ALL with DAS.

  15. that's some one dicked
    Soooooooo I'm ic airbridge am I do I get any cash for new planes er no
    how about some spare and those odd oiks in overalls to fix them er sorry no
    so what eactly am I suppoused to do
    take the blame mostly
    cheers for that then boss :frustrated: