Senior loyalist Ihab Shoukri dies

Chuffed to bits.

sorry.... :oops:

edited actually no I'm not.
Feck, I remember him when he was a wee lad. Genuinely nice kid (they all were actually). Gotta wonder at what point they turned into hate merchants.
Ah less cowardly so called Loyalist scumbag to worry about.
Can't say I'll shed any tears for him. It'll save the PSNI and prison service the time and money and effort that would have been incurred on locking him up following the next, inevitiable, drugs charge.

It always struck as strange that Shoukri and his brothers would be accepted into such a racist organisation as the UDA. Out of interest does anyone know if Andre Shoukri is in prison at the moment. I've lost track since my last stint in Norn Iron in 2006.
Invicta said:
It always struck as strange that Shoukri and his brothers would be accepted into such a racist organisation as the UDA.
The UDA aren't racist - they'll kill anyboady and everybody they see fit
Shoukri? No there's a fine Ulster surname if ever I saw it. I laughed out loud when this imbecile's death was announced.

Doubtless this waste of space and his equally cretinous brother liked to celebrate the 12th - which is ironic when one considers that Shoukri's ancestors were probably lining out for the Barbary Corsairs or the Ottoman Turks back in 1690; Northern Irish Catholics must have loved it when this clown came along spouting his 'Loyalist' boll*cks. Even by the depraved standards of 'Loyalist' knuckle-draggers, this guy had to constitute the bit below the bottom of the barrel. A nasty, brutish, and mercifully short life. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Could not the INLA or various flavours of IRA now demonstrate their own adherence to inter-communal whatnot and the 'peace process' and have one of their own number drop dead? Hell, after this I'd be handing out the drugs to them :twisted:

I'm afraid the milk of human kindness went into my tea this morning :wink:
brettarider said:
Biscuits_Brown said:
Hmm interesting Muslims getting involved was this just purely a business reason for siding with the loyalist's what a strange bunch of bed fellows
egyptian dad and local (as in local shop for local people) mam
That dram I'd promised myself for tonight is going to taste that little bit better, knowing that this worthless piece of scum is no more.

Masalamas Ihab :D
Barman a Toast! "Get to Fcuk"
What is the Egyptian Arabic for 'Good riddance to bad rubbish'? :twisted:

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