Senior England Players treated as "children"!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abandon_Ship!, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Well, most of them do have the mentality of a 6 year old......
  2. fooking didums i say,

    they are paid, a lot, if they don't like the job they get paid for get out of it now, don't delay do it today, the bunch of moaning egotistical children they are, not the manager.

    Probably why they are playing so badly, no pride in their country at all, no thoughts for the fans or anyone but themselves, they just want the manager sacked,and easiest way for that is to play badly
  3. Simples, that is because they are.
  4. They act like spoiled children. These are over paid, over indulged prima donnas who have been given the honour of playing for their country and it would seem that they simply do not care. They have displayed no pride, no passion and no commitment. It is disgusting to watch.

    Compare and contrast this with the Japanese team who have played their hearts out and display all of the qualities that our team are so sadly lacking. If you watch the J league here the quality of football is noticeably below that of the English Premier League, probably more on a par with the Championship but they have raised their game for the World Cup. If only English players could be bothered.
  5. For the money they're on they should be happy to play in nappies whilst sucking dummies. I can't stand footbll however have an idea that would make it more interesting. Just like a spot the ball competition, the pitch is divided into a thousand squares and we get to place a bet on those squares. Then, in one of those squares is planted an anti-personel landmine. at 100k a week, most people would be happy to take a chance and run around for 90 mins because guys out in the pit do it for 18k for 6months. That'd show em!!

    I also think the London Marathno can be improved significantly if, after every mile, they shoot the last ten runners. Watch the rhino cross the line in 1hr 10m

  6. I smell bullsh1t to distract from why they failing as a team, they also need to be reminded that if they are there to do a profesional job then it shouldn't be beyond them to fookin act as profesionals.
    It's not a jolly, and if they insist that kicking a ball around is work, then bloody treat it as work.
    Cunts the lot of them!
  7. Quite like loping the losing opponents heads off mind!
  8. I still don't get the supposed link between the Premier League being "good" & expected success for England. It's not as if there are that many England qualified players of any quality playing in it.

    Anyway, I heard today that Fabio Capello saw an old lady struggling with a heavy bag on a train. "Can you manage?" he said. "Feck off, you made this mess, you can sort it out," she replied.
  9. Who cares about the English Soccer team? NOT ME
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    what he said whith nobs on.
  11. Snigger snigger giggle giggle.

    Well said.
  12. From the comments section under the article............
    21.06.10, 10:10am

    6 weeks without seeing your girlfriend/wife.
    Try 6 months and longer,then we might listen.
    Can't make 6 weeks without a beer,you have a drink and self discipline problem.
    no safari,try a tour of afghanistan or iraq,that might open their eyes.
    send these over paid,self pitying,childish morons back.
    like it has been said,lets look at the championship,if they are good enough for promotion,or players bought by the premiership,they are good enough for the national squad.
    BOO HOO,send them back now,and so should the french coach,don,t want to train ,lets go home now,and you will never see another national team again.

    • Posted by: workingfamily2008 • Report Comment
  13. malicious compliance,

    the manager says we play this way, they play that way, it doesn't work, rather than smash out of it, motivate and dig out blind these fuckers just trot around on the understanding that its someone elses fault. 80 grand a week!!!! I'd run till my eyes bleed and my arse fell out, and I'd still pump ...50 grand to charity. Fucking wasters, they are putting me off my stella

    Bunch of giant squirming horses vaginas (to steal another arssers excellent abuse)
  14. They are chav c*nts.

    But they get paid well because millions want to watch them, if you don't like it, don't buy the shirt, the season ticket or the sky sports subscription.

    They haven't won the lottery, they're talented and have worked hard to be the best, if you wanted to be footballers you should have kicked a ball about for a few hours every day after school.