Senior Career advice please....................

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by MerryDown, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. My son is approaching 16 and intends to sign up in the near future..............................

    I anticipate he will get reasonable GCSE grades, grade C are likely. He did his Barb test yesterday and passed with 82%.

    The current career options he has been given are....................

    1)Royal systems operator

    2) Royal Signals............................Area systems operator

    3) AAC.........................................Ground crew aviation specialist.

    We have sat and discussed what we think and the Signals jobs are winning, based on how employable he will be when he leaves (if).

    He did want to do Air despatcher but there is nothing available for 12 months, As for the AAC he is very interested in that as it appears glamourous etc. The Signals is something he is interested in but he didnt consider it at all until the recruiting team suggested it.

    I have little doubt he will adapt well to army life, he is made of the right stuff as they say.

    My intention is to open the forum for any advice please................whats your senior thoughts ?


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  2. There might be potential for your son to become a REME Technician. If this is possible It will provide him with skills making him widely employable on leaving the service.

    REME Techs are paid well, promoted quickly and prospects for a full and varied career are excellent!

    I wish him every success whatever his decision is!
  3. I would deffinatly pick the Royal Sigs options, but as above try and ask about REME Aircraft/Avionics Tech, extremly fast promotion to Sgt and good pay. Postings a little bit limited though. Replace the AAC Ground crew bit with Infanteer and Helicopter refueler, Promotion chances quite slow.
  4. Thanks so far.............

    As for the REME my concern was he would end up as a vehicle mechanic, which I know all about as I did it years ago (Not HM Forces)
    and have negative thoughts about it, Aircraft tecchie /avionics would hit the parental buttons for me, as for him Im sure he would be happy tampering with an apache..............

    The AAC , I hear what your saying, on another forum on this site, someone called them "Bowser mongs" .........enough said about the Non PC descriptive.

    keep the thoughts coming please

  5. Ok well someone has to put a good word in for the AAC so it might as well be me. It's not all refuelling, it's very possible that your lad would be streamed signals after basic training. It's also worth noting that if he is the right calibre then promotion on the ground side in the AAC can be very quick indeed.

    Another trade that would be worth looking into is Movement Controller RLC, loads of travel (lots of ops though), lots of responsibility at all rank levels and incredibly quick promotion if you keep your nose clean.

    REME Tech as mentioned is a winner all round.

    I hate to say this but if he wanted to be an Air Despatcher (great fun, hard work) then it has to be worth looking at joining the RAF (sorry everyone) as NCO aircrew, promotion to Sgt is immmediate after initial training and he will get flying pay, there are a lot of options.

    Good luck to him.
  6. He doesn't have to be pushed into a VM post because he's asked about the REME. As for Avionics and Aircraft have a look on the REME thread and see how those lads feel about their career path etc. You get the same speed promotion but more posting options as a Land Systems technician in the REME (old money - Tels, Radar, ECE or Inst tech) again have a look on the REME forum for more info.
    For my two pence I'd choose REME but then Im biased
  7. Ok,

    he has A GTI score of 82 he is very trainable! The RLC Air despatcher is closed until Feb 07 They do not need any until then! Has he thought about RLC Ammo Tech? He will need to pass another assesment board but once in Highly trained and well paid also good civvie career prospects. The main thing here is he has achieved a good pass mark and will be able to select any technical trade barr age or education restraints associated to trades!

    He should go back into his AFCO/ACIO and ask for the full list of available jobs for his GTI and age group? Looking at it he could go for GEO TECH (surveyor) RE, Air tech, Vm, Inst tech, Fitter RE, POM RE and many more.

    The next one is has he done ADSC/RSC yet and if not he should be directed towards these trades by the PSAO's when he gets his interview if he passes the selection criteria!

    PM Me if you want the number to the processing cell at HQ RG.
  8. Both the Signals trades you mentioned are a touch below that of the suggested REME technician, I know this because the Signals have technician trades and these are below that too. They are, nonetheless, well paid and the opportunity for promotion and progression into either supervisory or regimental duties is really as good as anything the army can offer.

    The signals trades you mention are much sought after by commerce but much coveted by the army, you'll find that the scope for doing just about anything is possible with these trades in the Signals. Royal Signals have units serving in all theatres and in a multitude of roles, opportunities for a wider variety of deployment with REME is kind of restricted to a base or electronic workshops - with few exceptions.

    If he's not sure of the scope of employment of AS & RS Ops then have a look at Royal Signals Part Of The Official Army Website.

    If you want more PM me and I'll point you in the right direction or, better, use contact the details on the Signals website.
  10. Well done to your lad on the tests!

    You mention the R sigs for saleable assests on leaving. Unfortunately, the two trades listed do not have directly transferrable skills to civ st. That is not to say they are of no use to a civ employer, but if he is after a short career with maximum prospects for life outside I would suggest looking at other trades in the Signals such as Technician, Installation Technician or Information Systems engineer.

    Either way, were he to join for just a couple of years the life skills he will gain will far outweigh what his pals are getting, however he (and you as dad) do have to bear in mind he cold deploy to an operational area as soon as he passes training and spend a lot of time deployed.

    As for AAC, it sounds flash, but at the end of the day you still drive a fuel truck or carry ammo to the aircraft, the shine would soon wear off. you are basically an odd-job man for the pilots. Guys I know in the AAC often join because of this misconception that it will assist them for applying to become a pilot, this is a myth as anybody from any corps can apply.

    Good luck and PM me if you need more info on the Sigs.
  11. Without wishing to be too pedantic about things, when you say these trades do not have directly transferrable skills to civ st....

    Don't AS Ops look after, well Area Systems - a bit like what Vodafone et al do? I've quite a few ex signals pals who work for the mobile telephone network companies, both here and abroad. Additionally, there is rather a lot of call for point to point engineering/line of sight comms.

    As for RS Ops, don't they look after Radio Systems? Including setting up whatever IT equipment is required for their user together with associated fault finding techniques, pretty sure they got a liberal dollop of IT training as class 3 level last time I looked. And what's this Satcom thingy they are often taught these days? As with all trades within the army these days, the further you move up the food chain the more managerial skills you require.

    As mentioned by the boys father - he isn't being offered technician and both of these trades have very good transferrable skills.
  12. If your lad has the necessary grey matter to make it as an Avionics or Air Tech in REME then tell him to go for it as its probably the most transferrable trade set for civvie street. But reconcile him to the fact that the rest of the Corps will casually detest him for life. Everyone hates BATs, even Tech spankers.

    Don't let him join the Scalies, they smell funny.
  13. Take your KF shirt and putties off you dinosaur and get in to the 21st century; there haven't been base or electronic Wksps for years now! As a REME tech he could serve from as far back as DLO/DPA to as far forward as the F Ech (attached to Armd/AI units). Royal Signals get a nose bleed if they go forward of Bde main!
  14. Err, no they don't casrep. They can often be found further forward. Also as a RSigs Tech, if he feels he wishes to pursue this route, he could serve in various support units to the Commandos, Paras and SAS.

    I would just like to point out that the REME RadTech and the RSigs TeleTechs are not the same beast and whilst in some ways REME are higher than RSigs, RSigs are more diverse.

    The REME is directed at second and third lines in the main, I don't know of may REME techs who are attached further forward than the REME Bn. Whereas a RSigs tech provides only first and second line support in the main. As a RSigs tech you would be responsible for keeping comms in, possibly on your own in remote locations away from your hierachy support. You could be installing and commisioning links on anything from high speed data across satelites to Long Range HF. There may be a slowing down of the promotin in the RSigs as well at the moment. You could be also be trained on fibre optics, as a aerial rigger, pick up courses on many relevant modern equipments (such as programming Cisco routers) and other courses such as project design and microsoft visio. There is a wide range of duties he could carry out all around the globe.

    Fixing equipment in a nice ERV is one thing, but dealing with disgruntled clients as to why the link is down whilst working out a credible way of recifying the fault, whilst liasing with other agencies/units and people is a completely different thing. Also being the man on the spot with the knowledge for your Troop to lean on is a great responsiblity. A RSigs tech could be responsible for maintaining equipment that is providing important links at the very moment.

    If he is interested in Helis then REME Avionics tech, etc may be the thing. Postings are pretty limited but then you do have some nice ones in there aswell and some very nice short term attachements, and he may be able to have a better quality of life if he doesn't always have to move around too much. ie buy a house or similar whilst going on exciting tours.

    Are they're any units near you that may allow a visit? You could always ask them, worse thing they could do is say no.
  15. First of all folks,

    Thank you all for the information, there is lots of it. Some Army speak Im not sure about but all positive stuff !

    I think we will be going back to see what other duckets he can fit into trade wise, and then see where we end up. The RSigs is looking good , on the maths side of things he will struggle so I hope this wont hold him back.

    As for postings we accept as parents (so does he) that in a modern army the bottom line is you go where they want you ! Im 40 next week and wish it was me at his age again. Knowing what I think i know now my career would have been different, of that I am certain.

    Parentally .........................can anyone supply me the list of career paths that apply to him going to AFC, I believe their are only certain trades/options open to AFC junior soldiers ? We think he would be better off with a year with his head in his books at AFC lifting his grades and options...................whats the panel think ?