Senior British diplomat strip-searched

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 27, 2007.

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  2. She should have told them to poke it, and that the PM would know where to find her when his security team had been 're-educated'...
  3. Should have told them it was San Salvadorean diplomats they were supposed to do that to!
  4. Absolutely!

    My bold: understandable, but something which will undermine her in the future, no matter where she serves. I definitely think that words should have been had and the meeting rescheduled.
  5. Much as I understand the diplomatic sensitivity of the issue. Welcome to the real world Mrs diplomatic person. That she was reduced to tears is ridiculous. Ordinary people are subjected to similar ordeals daily just for daring to go to the USA as tourists. Since we know she had nothing to hide she should have simply played along and then made an official complaint later.
  6. No she shouldn't. Why should she have 'played along' This was done for sheer spite. Has it happened to her before or any other high level British diplomat?

    She should have told them to ram it, there and then , then gone into reception, called FCO and had a diplomatic communique sent , phrased in the strongest possible terms.

    I can only imagine how upset she was, subjected to a humiliating ordeal at the hands of a so-called "Ally" ho-ho. We bend over backwards to appease and help Israel, in return they bend one of our Diplomats over.

    So the next time the Israeli Ambassador to the court of St. James is summoned, should we ask him if he prefers vaseline or KY?

    As for getting free beer vouchers off us now? Spin and whistle.

    How very dare they humiliate a British Diplomat in this way.
  7. They very dared PTP and in light of Israels very dodgy geographical location they seem to lean a bit to heavily on their ego at times...
  8. Sets a bad precedent.

    Edited because what I originally put might get people all hot and sweaty, even though it may be true.
  9. Kept waiting, then subjected to a strip search.

    And at no time did the head Goon call his boss and say , "Your 11.30 is here , but she's got her chebs out right now , be up in 5 minutes"

    Personally, I'd be sending the security details P.45's down with the next stag.

    They don't seem to have, which smacks of "Make sure they know who is the boss here"


    Angry of Arrse.

    So a highly experienced and professional career diplomat , and having been in Israel since 2005 , very well known.
  10. One of our diplomats crying! Because she had to undergo a physical search and "lift her skirt"!!!

    FFS - I thought the FCO was made of sterner stuff.
  11. I agree taht her alternative course of action should have been to walk away, taking the whole delagation with her and let them, the Isrealis, come to her.

    What we ended up with is a Senior British Diplomat crying like a spoilt little girl. She had options and comes out of it looking like a fool.
  12. Alright fella. Next time you let a man with a big gun touch you where you wee to prevent an international incident, I expect you to stifle it. That's about the equivalent.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yep diplomatic credentials are there for a reason. They need our support more than we need theirs. I'm usually sympathetic to the Israeli viewpoint but not when they clearly take the piss. Definitely should have walked away until they learned how things are supposed to work.
  14. Looking at her CV , she is made of the right stuff. For her to break down and cry means she felt humiliated and violated. How far did the security detail have to push to have that happen?
  15. In historical terms this is not very far from being an act of war. Higher up the list than kidnapping sailors and marines, certainly. We've definitely kicked off in a big way over rather less.