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Senior Brecon

accidentalscaley said:
I'm hoping to do Senior Brecon, cos i want to have a go for Sandhurst Cadre? Any training tips? No i'm not a fecking Walt!!!!!
Have you tried phoning 4 Sqn?

I know they have some blokes who've done it mate.


Wow, why would a siggy want to do a very demanding infantry course? There were never enough places available when I did SCBC!
try getting in touch with any rifles battalion, there are pre selection/training courses prior to every psbc/scbc, the training is 2 to 3 weeks long and designed to prep you for the course, there are a limited number of places but im sure you could secure a place.

it would help if you had something of value to add to the training.experence in bowman, or the like, offer your experence and you will be snapped up.

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