Senior army prison guard 'launched string of sex attacks on staff'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joe_Private, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Bless him, what a little tinker
  2. Interestingly he now works at a funeral parlour.

    I guess dead ones dont give statments to the SIB.
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  3. You know the unwritten rule.We don't discuss these things - Innocent until proven guilty.
  4. Shocking, no one gave me a sloppy kiss when I was in MCTC. I did manage to knock a wank in to a female SUSs knickers when I was on Laundry duty though.
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  5. Oh come now old chap, I did not imply in any way that he was guilty of the alleged offences, I just implied that he shags dead people.

    That's an entirely different libel court case in the making I think you will find.
  6. I'm sure the minimum rank in MCTC is Sgt. If so how is he a senior guard?

    In his defence though.

    So she was asking for it really,
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  7. If he was RAF they would promote him. :)
  8. The journo mongs think he is part of the staff, he isnt.

    He guards the gate as part of the MPGS, he does not guard the SUS's, he has naff all to do with the Provost element.
  9. Or did they get mistaken with MPS and MPGS? Like they did with prison and corrective training centre
  10. Thanks for clearing that up. I had anticipated a sleepless night worrying myself sick over that one.
  11. MPGS, like clothing storemen and lorry drivers, are wrong uns and the majority sex offenders.
  12. Seen him before somewhere....

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  13. "and had an intimate body piercing which he showed to victims before kissing and groping them"

    It's not me!!!

    And why aren't there any photos of the sluts....errr....victims?

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  14. [​IMG]