Sending to APO from England?

Hey everybody,

don't know if that's the right place but I got a question here and I am not quiet sure if I am right. We have a British Angel and she asked if there are any difference by sending packages to an APO Adresse. We have deployed Britons who have APO Adresses also.

Is the postage the same as for BFPO Adresses?

Anyone out there who has a link or can help? I've googled it but couldn't find anything.

Thanks everybody

Try posting this in the RLC forum. There's quite a few posties in there, one of whom may have an answer for you.
So does anyone have an answer? It is very important because it's not just one Angel who asks this question. Does anyone have experience to send mail and packages from England to APO Adresses?

In Germany it is handled as military mail. Doesn't matter if you send to APO, BFPO, German Feldpost, it's all the same....
Nobody? Nobody knows if there are any differences, non of you ever had an APO Adresse? Well... thanks anyway...
This is somewhat easy because I belong to the system...more or less. The short answer is that it would be the same as though you are sending something to the US so postage will indeed be different. Your post office should have the right rates since I am not familiar with the cost for international post.
Here is a link that might help as well.
Hope this helps.
So in England there are no rates for military mail at all? In Germany I pay one and the same prize for APO, BFPO or German Military Mail, because it's all military mail that goes to the field but seems like that England has different rules than Germany.

And what if it clearly says that the APO Adresse belongs to a British Command, do you still have to pay international postage? Really?
Tankers - yes. We don't recognise APO mail like that. Actually, we have a hard enough time getting our own military mail through the system...

It would seem to me that if you have to send to an APO it means that the Americans are responsible for the mail for the troops that are supported. APO is actually pretty reliable albeit a bit slow. The command may be British but that unit is being supported by the Americans. Not an unusual arrangement.
I suggest you see if the unit has a BFPO co-located - i.e. HQ ISAF, Kabul or Kandahar. You could then send to the BFPO and the person could pick it up there.
I did the reverse when I wanted some stuff only available in the US - got it sent through the APO system.
Proximo said:
Tankers - yes. We don't recognise APO mail like that. Actually, we have a hard enough time getting our own military mail through the system...


Wow! That sucks. Really, it does. Thanks to ya'll for the info. Sounds like your system is very unflexible regarding military mail.

The British Spouses in Germany... how about them. Do they know that it is much cheaper to send the mail from a German Post Office?

If not, they should be told that they can use the German Flat Rate Boxes to send military mail. They come in different sizes, be filled up to 20kg and cost €5,99
I wouldn't say infllexible...remember you are dealing with two different postal just comes to melding the two which is not necessarily inflexible as it is different. Thanks in advance for your wishing to support the soldiers regadless of who they have to answer to for their mail ;)
Hummm... benetti you made me think. I think I have to change the system.


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