Sending post FROM Afghan: Question?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by clifftop, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible for soldiers in Afghanistan to send post other than blueys?

    I have been given about a dozen hand made cards to send out so that the lads/lasses
    can send them to their families/loved ones back home.

    Just hoping it wouldn't be a wasted exercise.


  2. Yes, theres a Post Office in Bastion 1.
  3. Yes, they can and that includes anything up to a 2kg packet. As mentioned above there is a British Forces Post Office on Camp Bastion; there's also a few others round theatre - the BFPO website has a list of numbers and locations.

    Be aware, although sending mail TO theatre is free, sending mail from it is not. So if you want to be extra nice, stick a stamp on the card's envelope too - that way if the card goes to a FOB/PB or somewhere else without a BFPO the chaps can still send it home :) No need for 1st class though, 2nd will do as all forces mail is treated as 1st by Royal Mail when it hit UK shores.
  4. So, a standard 1st class stamp is sufficient? What? 46p? Hell, I'll make absolutely certain every envelope has one.

    Many thanks for the replies chaps.
  5. Don't waste money, stick a second class on!!! Spoken like a true Yorkshireman.
  6. what about sending personal mail from one FOB to another, is that free under 2kg?

    I'm squeaky clean so I won't post it as work mail :)
  7. I have sent stuff from KAF and had no problem and the other day a mate sent me a box from Bastion and that was free.
  8. Intra-theatre post is also 2 kg and SHOULD be 5 or 10p. But in reality it's unlikely that your friendly postie will charge you!