Sending parcels to soldiers in Afghanistan

My best mates just deployed over there and I said I would send stuff over.

Anyone got any idea of what I should and should not send, how much in weight, price, and also what I can send as morale boosters.

Thanks lads
Parcels under 2kg are free.

Don't send anything that will melt/not survive in 50C heat.

Parcels take anything from 4 days to 8 weeks to get there depending on where you are, what is going on in theatre and the moonstate. It is random as hell.

Have a poke around as there must be threads on this around somewhere...
Ice lolly sticks, empty jonny wrappers and loads of melted chocolate. They'll love it, I know I did when I got it :|


War Hero
aaa batteries, shower gel, talc, and for some strange reason hand towels.

Although the parcel was sent to an RMP bod

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