Sending Parcels to our boys in Iraq/Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redpants, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Food - biscuits, tea bags, sweets

  2. Skincare - moisturiser, sun block etc

  3. CDs - music, films, TV series

  1. I want to send a few parcels for Christmas to our Armed Forces but I'm struggling to find out how. The UK Post Office allows relatives etc to send parcels free but only to named soldiers.

    I have no connection with the military (is that the right word?) but I want to let our boys know we care. Can anyone help?

    I have a budget of around £10 per parcel and also wondered what to send. What would be useful? There's no point sending packs of jammie dodgers and sherbert dip-dabs when what you really need are lighters, batteries, moisturiser, HC porn.....

    Do you have facilities to play MP3s, AVIs etc? What's hot, what's not?

    I'm trying to get my company to stump up some extra support, but they'll need specifics.

    Clock's ticking boys. :D
  2. The BFPO system will only allow items to be sent to Named persons otherwise nasty stuff could be sent.
  3. on my last tour one of the lads mum collected a load of stuff and made up parcels, my unit sent someone to collect them from her house and forward them on through the regiment. your best bet is to get in touch with your nearest unit on tour and do it that way.
  4. Nice - thanks for the quick response. Any suggestions for parcel filling? :)

    BTW I've sent an email out, see below -

    Hi Alison

    I have no connection with the military (is that the right word?) but I want to let our boys know we care. I have a budget of around £10 per parcel and also wondered what to send.......

    ......parcel and/or leave unsealed for security reasons. If all else fails, I’ll collect the cash and make a donation via your web site but I’d like to be a bit more personal and maybe strike up a dialogue with one or two soldiers so that I personally can carry on sending letters and packets after Christmas.

    Many thanks
  5. There is a list of all suitable items to go into parcels on there. If you go to this website then you can find your local co-ordinator and they can forward the parcels for you. Also stick a letter and christmas card in the parcel and then hopefully the soldier will reply.
  6. yes but they are full :(

    "Due to the overwhelming response to the Xmas Parcel Appeal this year our online donation lines have now been closed. This is to ensure that all donations already made can be converted into parcels. We'd like everyone who has contributed for their wonderful generosity.

    If anyone still wishes to make a donation then they made do so using the Paypal button below, but please note that any donations made via this link will be used to send parcels throughout 2008 and NOT for this Christmas. However parcels are welcomed at any time of year, particularly by those who don't have or aren't in contact with families, so you can be sure your donation will still be much appreciated"
  7. Try your local regiment
  8. I may (?) be a bit thick; I can only find a list of stuff for Xmas parcels - I figured that there's loads going out at Christmas, so it might be better to send one for late Jan/early Feb - most depressing time of the year!

    My question is basically what don't you want in the normal (non-Xmas) parcels? I know the usual don'ts like alcohol, porn, lighters or chocolate (and given my job, smuggling isn't really an option!!) but what is there just no point sending 'cos you can easily get them from the EFI out in either of the two sandpits?

    Decent teabags/decent instant coffee?
    Ground coffee?


    (Xbox360s, PS3s and Wiis not available, sorry) :D
  9. This is from the 'Help For Hereos' website complete with two addresses - I'd suggest marking it for male or female depending on contents:

    Instructions for Soldiers Surprise Supplies

    Please send items that do not melt -- it is very hot

    For example:

    non-chocolate biscuits
    gingerbread or malt loaf
    anything in a tube, vacuum packed or tinned (toffee sauce, condensed milk, salsa dips)
    cheese straws
    cream cheese
    fish paste
    chorizo sausages or dried meat
    dried fruit and nuts
    mint imperials
    chewing gum
    Haribo, Jelly Babies, etc.
    Soduko books
    Nuts, Zoo and FHM magazines
    They have to drink vast quantities of water -- so any powder flavourings in a package like Berocca, Vitamin C sachets etc
    pick ‘n mix sweets

    I am sure there is much more – so just use your imagination!


    Please do write an encouraging message on a card, but please sign your card by Christian name only and do not give your address as we do not want any obligation regarding thank-you letters.

    The easiest method of sending these parcels is to use a large padded envelope but any form of parcel is fine, as long as it does not exceed 2 kilos. They are very strict on this! Tape it up firmly and write one of the following addresses clearly on a label :

    A British Soldier
    c/o J I Branch
    HQ MND (SE)
    Op Telic
    BFPO 641


    A British Soldier
    c/o Capt S Beattie MBE SO3 J I
    HQ Task Force Helmand
    Lashkar Gar
    BFPO 715

    Take the parcel to a post office. Parcels generally take about 5 days. THANK YOU!!!
  10. Cheers Oldmuso, I knew I wasn't looking hard enough!
  11. Excellent! Thanks Oldmuso, I much appreciate the link and the suggestions. I must admit I hadn't thought of drinks sachets, but great idea. I can't stomach 2l of plain old H2O / day myself in the UK.

    I take your point about thank-you notes, although I would like to leave an email address or some way for the boys to ask for specific items in future that I could send e.g. Flights for darts - I assume you still have Dart Boards in Theatre?

    Cheers :D
  12. My whole original post is from the 'Help For Hereos' website - don't really see a problem myself putting in say an e-mail address if the person getting the parcel wants to says thanks. What do others with experience think?
  13. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    what about sending from germany?
  14. I went to see the Welfare Officer from our local regiment as he is collecting all the donated parcels there and then he will forward them on.
    He had quite a few parcels waiting to be sent which was great to see.
  15. Redpants

    What you are doing is fantastic. Parcels from home are much appreciated by the boys and girls on Ops, even more so by those that dont have loved ones back home.

    On their behalf thank you very much.