Sending mail to US soldier in Middle East

Hope someone can help me with this.

A relative of my wife has just gone out to a rather sandy place and we want to send him mail while he is out there. We have been given an address by his mum and told that 'it is just like sending something in USA'. This is all well and good if you are in the USA but we are in Britain. Do we need to address it to USA first and it will be re-directed from there?

Any help appreciated.
Yes. His APO number is a registered US address so pop it in the mail and it will - eventually - reach him.

Make sure you add 'USA' on the envelope...
Brilliant. Just what I thought. Many thanks.
One note on mail to APO/FPO addresses. Letters, no problem. If a package is going to another country (eg Iraq, Afghanistan) a customs declaration must be filled out even though the package is in a US mail system all the way to recipient. Ordinarily, packages from UK to US would have a customs declaration anyway. Not sure if this is US policy or an international regulation.

Based on my experience sending stuff to a couple of friend in the sandbox you don't need to itemize everything. Something like "Assorted Toiletries, $15.00" will work. Only person I know who had a problem put "gift $20.00" on the declaration and then put on insurance for an iPod valued at $400.
One of my friends over there likes cigars and when I got a few real Cubans I sent him some. I was not sure of the cigars status. Contrband in US, ?? on US base in Iraq. I enclosed a note saying I hoped that they did not cause problems. He wrote back saying "I destroyed the evidence. I lit one end and puffed on the other until it was all gone"

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