Sending letters abroad...

Heya, I'm new to the forum.

Basically I met a guy a couple of weeks ago when I was out and starting dating but he was posted out to Banja Luka Metal Factory in Bosnia last weekend. He's given me a contact address, but I just had a questions, which will probably seem silly to all you

He mentioned something about a "bluey that folds into itself" or something? And that being free? Can anyone enlighten me? Lol!

My main question though was how exactly do you post letters overseas? - Do I pay postage costs to Bosnia then? I've tried asking around, but nobody seems to know!

Thanks a lot in advance for your help :) xxx

If it's to confirm to him that you are with child and / or dosed up, use the phone it's a lot quicker.

Did he give you the old "cheers for a great night but I'll be unable to see you ever again as I'm off to BLMF for a few months. Errr, here's my address.....bye"

Classic tales which never seem to go out of fashion with the civpop.

Good on you girl, keeping the troops happy and all that!


A bluey - go to the post office and ask for just that and they will give you some!! will also provide you with lots of info will also provide info for "other halves" check it out

when you get the bluey you can just write on it (or type) and print on it, there is also eblueys!

it is also BFPO not BSPO (but i'm sure that was a typo)

Good luck and hope that helps!!
ps you may wish to delete the address from this forum!
Address deleted - I didn't think of that, Missy! Thanks 8)

Thanks for the replies - it makes helluva lot more sense now :D

You see, Geordie Blerk, I need to inform him the baby isn't his... Lol!

xxx Stephi xxx

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