Sending Flowers to loved ones back home (Merseyside Area)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FlowersByJoanne, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi, my name is Jo and I am a self employed qualified florist working from home in Maghull, Liverpool

    I was wondering if you guys had anything set up there to send flowers home to your loved ones or do you spend a fortune with Interflora?

    I can design and deliver your order anywhere in the Merseyside area and guarantee to beat Interflora prices.
    Payment can be made by PayPal

    If you think this is a service you would like to use please contact me for details at
    You can visit my facebook page to see some of my Wedding work

    If you have any problems with above link search Wedding Flowers By Joanne (Merseyside) on Facebook

    Thank you and keep safe
    Jo x
  2. Maghull? Where do you send flowers the special hospital?
  3. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hi Joanne,

    Welcome to Arrse, I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Not because you haven't got a good idea but ladies from Liverpool (Ladies being a lie) don't appreciate flowers.

    You could do a greggs delivery service, a duty solicitor free phone number or a thieves hand warmer, they would go down a treat.

    Failing that a handgun to shoot a small child or a wrap of anything class A
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  4. Joanne.



    Now there's two words I never thought would be connected in the same sentence.
  5. Jarrod - If you have any girlfriends in the special hospital i'd happily walk round there and give your best to them!!:nod:

    Porridge - Your picture says it all!! Suits you Sir!!:eye:

    I take it that you think it's a non starter!! :)
  6. Cant you just get them to steal flowers from a grave yard like all the other scousers?
  7. I live in the posh arf of Liverpool - Ladies everywhere round 'ere !!:biggrin:
  8. Could you please send some Mums around to those nice Bulger people? They look like they could use a lift. Thanks Jo, you're a dear
  9. Buzz You've hit the nail on the head!! Cemetery is my supplier!! well done you
    Seriously am i wasting my time and will just get loads of scouse jokes and no orders??:nod:
  10. Which one is you, Joanne? Please tell me you're the brunette with big baps.
  11. We like some posh ****. Show us your tits
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  12. Let's see your tits then Joanne. If you're serious about drumming up business on here then nudity is the way forward.
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  13. Come on Joanne.. we can see you are on line.. n case zero_over was too eloquent; we want tit shots. Of you. Or your clientèle, if you are a bit of a gopper.
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  14. Tits, schmitz. If she's true posh, she'll get off on the naughty aspect of showing her full gape. Pull open that choccy starfish, Jo, and I'll give you some "baby's breath"
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  15. Yeah come on Jo, show us how posh you really are, let us know when you're "arriving".

    Posh part of Liverpool - Oxymoron?