Sending birthday cards is banned as ageist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lucky_Jim, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. From the BBC news web site

    BBC news

    Oh FFS.

  2. We were warned.
  3. Can't say as I blame them. Some whining c*nt was probably hoping he/she would get one so that they could sue and take early retirement on the proceeds.

    Sign of the times. Sh*te like, but it's here to stay. If I were an employer, I'd do the same. Not because I'm some PC maniac, but because I want the money I earn for me and my family to retire happily, not some average chod/choddess in admin who is suddenly offended on behalf of the entire world and see's an easy route to a quick buck. As a very good example of how sneaky people can be, have a look at that ex copper (who worked in Obscene Publications) who became a Navy Chaplain (also married to a lawyer who specialises in employment law) who successfully sud the RN as he was 'offended' by the porn he encountered on board. Now he is a right sneaky c*nt and I hope that if there is a God, that he shafts the tw*t as soon as he turns up at the Pearlies.
  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Fannies!
  6. I got so hacked off with this I sent a light hearted email to the company concerned, text below for your perusement.

    stab :lol:


    I am totally flabbergasted at this article (link above). In fact my flabber has been so gasted I do not think they will ever be on speaking terms again!

    What on earth were you thinking? The whole idea of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 was to prevent organisations from discarding employment/promotion applications from older, more experienced and possibly more expensive candidates in favour of those who are perceived to be cheaper and easier to mold due to youth and lack of experience. Even at my age (31) I have had difficulty getting temping roles as it was cheaper to employ a school leaver than myself in spite of my past experience.

    I think as employees we are all (in the main) responsible adults and a silly thing like birthday cards are not part of the issue. If this type of legislation and reaction to such legislation carries on then we will not be able to celebrate or congratulate anything and will end up the gray miserable drones as depicted in films such as "1984" and "Brazil".

    On that note I must go now, I think flabber and gasted are trying to sort things out and a cup of tea always helps there.

  7. bollux to bombing N.korea, bomb this company instead!
  8. I'll bet even in an oppressed dictatorship such as N Korea they dont have this sort of utter bollox.

    I will now go out of my way to be even more un PC.
  9. Me too.
    You old Basterd
  10. So all these years we have been getting oppressed by all those horrid Birthday cards and presents!!

    Just had a thought, do laws against paedophiles count as ageism? Has Gary Glitter merely been oppressed?
  11. 8O
  12. Some Philadelphia lawyer could have a field day with that one!
  13. What next No... crimbo cards....Ahhhhhh.. :twisted:

    This country is right up Sh1t..
    :toilet: :tp: ...Creek...
    Discrimination..On This.....On That...
    Fcuking fed up with this whole place.... :twisted:
    Yeah, I bet Clintons are Quacking in their boots...Not!

    Rant Over.....Wooooosaaaaa...Woooooosaaaaa...
  14. I can see see Hallmark & clinton cards taking this to court! :D
  15. i received one of these "ageist" cards a couple of years ago, can i back date a clame against my co-workers and sue their asses :D

    Just heard on the radio that the saying " Have you got anything smaller ?" is to be outlawed in shops because of it may be claimed too sexual !

    Barking i tell ya, barking :D