Send the Spice Gilrs to Guantanamo Bay

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HydraJoe, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. We did it for the lads and lasses at Headley Court - Now lets do it for the poor buggers locked up without trial at Guantanamo Bay

    Let's Send the Spice Girls To Guantanamo Bay!


    The Spice Girls are running a competition to choose a city where they will play a special gig. Anyone can vote for their city, and the city with the most votes will win a gig by them. They say they will play wherever gets the most votes.

    So where better than Guantanamo Bay?! We have been given the power (and it's Girl Power!) to get some much needed entertainment to those detained indefinitely under questionable circumstances and conditions in Guantanamo!

    So, if you agree, you need to do two things:

    Firstly, forward this email to all your mates.

    Secondly, cast your vote by following these instructions:

    Go to the Spice girls web site
    Click the link "Vote for the girls to play in YOUR SPICE CITY!!!"
    Under Country, choose Cuba
    Under City, type Guantanamo Bay
    Click VOTE
    Leave the Name and Address fields blank
    Type an email address in the email field, preferably a real one, though I'm not sure it matters as long as it's anything AT anything DOT anything
    Leave the Mobile field blank

    Your democratic duty is done. You've just told them what you want, what you really, really, want!

    Copy and Paste this into an email and send it to all your friends.
  2. How about Tehran as second 'choice'?
  3. Wouldn't sending them there make the Septics fall even more foul of the International Red Cross - surely torture is forbidden. Although I moght do Scary Spice up the hoop :twisted:
  4. By heck sorry im sending them to Kabul, with second choice Fallujah, Cubas okay for a holiday, so dont want to upset there to much.
  5. they wont tour Afghanistan but will Iraq, so off to fallujah with them
  6. It's inhuman to send the Spice Girls to Gitmo. What would they do there? Sing of course and it would be unbearable torture for the prisoners.
  7. That'll make the inmates "sing"....

    I'll grab me coat...............
  8. :twisted: this is in the Naafi forum as well

    PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:37 pm Post subject: The Spice girls Reply to topic Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
    Twisted Evil

    if you go to the link it asks which city you would like the spice girls to perform

    if enough people put in their request them they say they will go there

    Ive put baghdad in iraq i would really like them to go to iraq Twisted Evil

    bet the locals would love them

    Do your bit for the girls send them to iraq do the world a favour !!!!

    i did think Afghanistan but it wasnt an option sorry Twisted Evil
  9. make em do a "p"coy carda or the brecon run, or of course spend a week with 2 para mortars.........bloody animals!!!!