Send an Email to Galloway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, May 27, 2006.

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    Maybe you should ask him why he visted Sadam and told him he was doing a good job, basically condoning the deaths of our troops, or maybe why he visted Castro, or why he comes out with desgraceful comments about "assasinating the PM", or maybe just to tell him he's an ultra lefty-communist bast*rd and should be deported.
  2. He will just thrive on such comments, It's not even worth the e-mail to him!
  3. Wouldn't waste my time or p1ss on the tw@t....................
  4. When did wanting Bliar to get blown up become a bad thing?
  5. Bliars a near perfect cnut. Galloway is an omnipotent cnut.
  6. Just sign him up to lots of fetish porn sites, then ring a well known tabloid and make some acusations.