Senators defy Bush on tribunals

A US Senate committee has defied President George W Bush by approving legislation to set up trials for foreign terrorism suspects.
The panel voted 15-9 to back the bill, which Mr Bush has vowed to block.

Ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell has backed Republicans opposing legislation sponsored by Mr Bush that would allow military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

Correspondents say the split within the party risks damaging its prospects in November's mid-term elections.

Four Republican senators joined opposition Democrats on the Armed Services Committee to approve their measure instead of the tougher bill put forward by the president
Good, excellent.
As I have said before if the US considers it nessasary to 'Torture' / 'Abuse' prisoners and have special secret prisons and legal systems.
Let Congress pass a law to cover, have the President sign it and so remove responsibility from The trooper/senior who is now taking the Rap for actions which the system has been turning a blind eye to, until it is caught in the Public gaze.

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