Senate Lockerbie enquiry

Discussion in 'US' started by StJohnguy, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. In view of the comments made by certain senators, could someone remind them that the UK is NOT the 51st state of the union & our elected politicians are not answerable to the US Senate, but the House of Commons & Scottish Parliament.

    Also, as mentioned on another post on this site, is it not somewhat hypocritical of the US Senate to expect us to appear in front of one of your enquiries, when you won't appear in front of one of ours (the inquest into the deaths of UK servicemen caused by one of your A10 pilots).
  2. Don't take it too personally, it's just some chest-thumping histrionics by certain members of the self-styled "World's greatest deliberative body". What the seppos really need to worry about is what this smokescreen might be hiding, because bullshit like this in a committee normally means there's something else going on they they'd rather not have people see.
  3. Like the fact that the CIA knew the attack was going to happen several days before it did, (and warned off a lot of senior peeps from being on the flight), like the fact that Toshiba radio cassette recorders, detonators, semtex and other components very much like the ones used on the bombing of Flight 103 were found in a German Polizei raid on a flat in Hamburg known to have been used by members of the Iranian and Syrian-backed PFLP-GC, (or Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command), ran out of the Bekaa Valley in the Lebanon under a blanket of SAM SA 6 cover?

    I could go on, but that should be enough to be going on with to make sure you get the idea that I buy the official story of Lockerbie as much as I would buy a Ferrari even if I had the money.

  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Tam, I'm not deliberately taking the pish, but are you sure about your facts here, I mean do you have references? Bomb components tend to be a bit alike because of physics, detonators and stuff. ;)

    The yanks might be a bit gobby, I've said so myself, but conspiracy theories tend to be a load of bollox.

    Do you read much Harry Turtledove? :D Not everything on the internet is true mate.
  5. Say it's not so!
  6. "Tam, I'm not deliberately taking the pish, but are you sure about your facts here, I mean do you have references? Bomb components tend to be a bit alike because of physics, detonators and stuff. ;) "

    Sorry, Ord Sgt, I read this stuff in the papers long before the internet was more than a gleam in Berners Lee's eyeball. I recall at the time the German police made a very big thing about the Toshiba radio cassette players being the exact same as the one used in flight 103, that the detonators were the same model and make as the (supposedly) only-supplied-to-Libya-Swiss made one that set off the bomb. The final kicker was the fact that the Semtex recovered was chemically identical to that that went boom less than a hundred and fifty miles away from where I was sitting at the time of the attack.

    And since the trial made such a big thing about the detonator type that went boom over Lockerbie had supposedly only ever been supplied to Libya's Air Force Int folks, I would say that it is quite significant that the German police recovered enough to make a fair few bombs go woosh bang in that Hamburg flat.

    And even more significantly the American Central Intelligence Agency stated that the attack had been carried out by the PFLP-GC
    almost immediately after the attack, and before the Germans found the bomb making equipment. We all know that this was subsequently poo-pooed by them when the whole Gulf War 2 scenario kicked off and we suddenly needed Syrian help to tie down large elements of Saddam Hussein's army on the Iraqi border with Syria, while our forces got ready to go in and boot his arse out of Kuwait.

    I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to what deals President George Herbert Walker Bush (to give him his Sunday name) made with President Hafez el Assad in order for a known enemy regime to actually come onto our side to help deal with another more pressing enemy.

    I would also trust the German police to get their facts right rather than a CIA or Justice Department that came under extremely heavy pressure to toe the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama party line and go along with the "Convenient Untruth" that was the whole "Libya-did-it-so-there" narrative. Particularly as they had no axe to grind as they pretty much hate every Arab/Persian with equal virulence and see no need to pick on any one country in particular.

    So, yeah, I am pretty sure of my facts, old bean.

    Besides, if it really had been Libya, don't ya think the Americans would have turned that country into a greasy spot on the map in pretty short order?


    Btw, Harry Turtledove is okay, but I find the stuff that happens in real life to be even more crazy/fucked up/interesting than counter factual stuff like what he writes.
  7. It appears that our transatlantic cousins haven't posted yet. I really would be interested in hearing the US perspective, any chance of a reply JJH, you always have a considered argument.
  8. Looks like the Senate Inquiry are planning to come over here to interview people.

    Perhaps they could bring a few A-10 pilots with them to give some answers too.
  9. Like you I'm appalled at the arrogance of these politicians that they think they have the right to summons foreign politicians to answer their enquiries. However I'm also aware that there are probably more than a few of our home grown politicos who, if they thought they'd achieve anything, would probably do a similar thing, imagine the political kudos of summoning a foreign politician to your enquiry, marvellous!
    Of course, the easiest course is just to have a word with the British Ambassador and ask him to provide some written answers but that wouldn't give any Senator any political eminence for having the British Government at their beck and call, would it?
  10. Agree entirely.

    The US legislature seem to be going through a bit of an anti-Brit period at the moment, what with Lockerbie and BP. They seem to be ignoring the evidence and locking onto the Brit connection.
  11. And wheres JumpingJarhead when you need him?
  12. WTF...the arrogance is unbelievable. Can they bring some of the fcukwits who ballsed up the aftermath of Iraq aswell, then we can kill two birds with one stone (so to speak).

    Crabtastic - you have a very good point there. Where's an investigative American journo when you need one?
  13. Give him a break - he's got to sleep sometime!
  14. Jarheads sleep?
  15. Markintime, I'm sure some of our politicians (government OR opposition) would try it on as well, I'm just wondering if our cousins would agree to an arrangement, either to attend each others' enquiries or not. Anyone attempting to upset the applecart after that could be given a good kicking!